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Branded Bookmarks with Printed or embossed logo 

One of the most effective ways to market is by giving something free or affordable in order to make a sale. This may sound crazy to some people but it works every time and study shows that the more you give away free or affordable items, the more people may want to come back for another purchase.

What is even better is giving people something they need to use by making it functional in such a way that they can use it repeatedly. One such marketing strategy is using printed promotional bookmarks.

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Many readers from all over the world use mark the pages of the books they are reading with bookmarks. The uses of a bookmark however extend much further than being simply a bookmarker. Besides printing bookmarks in different finishes and sizes, if you are in the publications business, you can use bookmarks to market your publications and many other products. You can customise them to fit in with your business or promote someone else’s business by customising them both for promotional purposes and for their primary use.

Branded bookmarks are not only effective advertisement tools, but you can turn them into your business cards. They are also very reliable and below are reasons as to why you can use them for all your marketing activities.

What are the Benefits of Printed Bookmarks

• Easy to distribute

Distributing bookmarks is easy as they are small and compact. The convenient size allows you to carry them along with you everywhere you go to distribute to as many people as you possibly can. This is especially in meetings, networking events or in any other special occasions. Unlike portfolios, brochures or magazines, bookmarks can easily fit into pockets, purses and tote bags without taking too much space. You can hand them over to people just as you would business cards without any fuss. What is even better is that almost everyone will accept a bookmark because almost everyone that reads uses one.

• Cost effective

Printing any kind of material may cost some money but the good thing is that bookmarks cost far less than other marketing print materials. You can customise your bookmarks at very affordable costs and still reap the benefits from them. The idea is to create a marketing strategy that will generate income by getting people interested in the product or service without using too much income. The affordability of branded bookmarks or customised bookmarks allows you not to worry about spending too much on marketing costs but instead focus more on creating better and improved methods of making your product or service stand out.

• Easy to customise

To stand out from your competitors, you can customise your bookmarks to fit in with your products or services. You can choose from an array of designs to bring out the best looks that will attract your audience. You can also make them into different sizes with whatever kind of printing option you want.

• Untapped marketing strategy

Using bookmarks as a marketing strategy is still an untapped technique in the market. It will therefore put you ahead of your competitors, as this would catch the interest of many of your target audience. Making them unique will further give you more advantage.

• Popular

People market their products on objects that many people are familiar with and use often. Everyone that reads uses bookmarks. If there are people that read and do not use bookmarks, then it is a very small percentage. Some people even love collecting bookmarks and will have a different bookmark for every book they read. You can therefore have an assurance that by using promotional bookmarks, you will always have a reliable and consistent market.

You can actually compare the exposure bookmarks give your business to the same exposure people get from billboards, spaces on public platforms and transport, television and newspaper ads and many others. The difference however is all these other marketing strategies are very expensive whereas promotional bookmarks are affordable. Making them stand out will keep reminding the users of your product or any other product or service you endorse. You will actually realise that many people consider bookmarks as gestures or gifts rather than marketing tools but once they read what in on print, they take notice. Why You Can Trust Us with Making Your Promotional Bookmarks

• Quality

We do not compromise on quality and we get it right the first time. Our print product is superior and we make all our bookmarks stand out from the rest. Everything we print is also error free and we make sure to proofread o grammar, apostrophes and everything else before submitting the bookmarks.

• Affordability

Our superior quality printing is also very affordable and the product is worth every penny you spend.

• Great customer care service

We take all our clients seriously and therefore offer the best customer care services. If you have any questions to ask or need any help to place an order, we are available 24/7 throughout the year. • Quick turnaround

We know that every minute costs money and we make sure not to keep you waiting as we have the quickest turnaround in the market.

Wrapping It Up Turn your bookmarks into instant advertising tools by having your clients have all the information they need about your product or service every time they turn the pages of the books they are reading.