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Promotional Tote Bags 

Tote bags are a fantastic promotional products because they have so many uses and everyone can take advantage of them. They’re so convenient; people can use them to carry their shopping, hold books - whatever they like! As a result, they’re not the type of promotional products that people will discard or rarely use. This is beneficial for your company as it makes them highly useful for spreading brand awareness and increasing your exposure.

You can read about our huge range of Printed Tote Bag Range below.

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Why use Promotional Tote Bags Printed With Your Logo

We offer an extensive variety of printed tote bags that are perfect for so many situations. There are simple and classic cotton tote or polyester bags that can be emblazoned with your logo and distributed amongst your staff and customers. The simplicity of these makes them very versatile, and they’re perfect for carrying shopping around in!

Then, we have more specialist options like our cooler tote bags. With these, you have a branded tote bag that acts as a cooler, making it ideal for taking on picnics or storing food and drink in. There are even some more professional convention tote bags that will be brilliant to take to your next business event. Arm your team with cotton totes and they can show off your brand logo to everyone at the event.

The beauty of our shopping bags is that you can cater to all kinds of different people or situations. As such, you make your promotional tote bags all the more practical. If something is useful, then people are bound to use it as much as possible. So, you get free promotion from everyone carrying around your  shopping bags!

Branded Tote Bags Save Money On Advertising Costs

No doubt you have lots of things to consider when advertising and promoting your business. There are so many ideas out there, most of which can be reasonably expensive. For small business owners, it’s just not possible to afford a lot of these advertising techniques, meaning your company misses out on so much promotion.

Well, with branded tote bags, you have a cost-effective solution to your advertising problem. Avoid spending loads of cash on things like billboard or TV ads, and use a tote bag instead. You can buy them in bulk for a fraction of the cost of a traditional advert, and you get to distribute them as you please. The best thing is, you don’t have to pay anyone to do the advertising for you; just give them a branded bag to flaunt wherever they go.

Think about how many people will see your brand logo and name when just one person carries their tote bag around a busy shopping centre, or when they’re sat on a train. Then, think about how many more people will see your cotton canvas bags when you give them to hundreds of people! All that exposure, with such insignificant costs.

Printed Bags offer Flexible Branding For Your Business

Another fantastic feature of branded tote bags is that you get to choose how they look. Yes, we provide the bag itself, so you don’t get to physically construct it from scratch! However, when it comes to bag printing, it’s entirely up to you. We give you full flexibility on the printing options from  basic single colour to print as well as options that can be printed in full colour, meaning you end up with a printed tote bag that works perfectly for your business.

A lot of companies choose to print their logo on the cotton bags and leave it at that. Others will have their brand name, while some will go one step further and add in contact details as well. If you get your logo printed on the bag, along with an email or phone number, then it takes the product to a whole new level. As well as promoting your business, it can also generate a few leads as people see the contact information, jot it down, and contact you as a result!

Because tote bags come in many different sizes, it enables you to have this level of flexibility when branding. Few products match these bags when it comes to picking and choosing how you promote your brand.

 If you’re looking for a product that can advertise your business without costing a lot of money, then tote bags are ideal. Their usefulness means they will be seen by so many members of the public, and customers will enjoy receiving one of these bags as a free gift. Check out our full range of tote bags, and you’ll soon find one that’s perfect for your business. Then, you can brand it however you like, hand them out to people, and watch them work their magic for your marketing campaign.

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