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Promotional Plastic Pens are ideal when budgets are tight

Marketing comes in all shapes and forms from digital PPC and social media campaigns to traditional print mediums however, promotional material has a very high value to businesses. It's often something that is given away free to consumers with branding messages on.  Promotional plastic pens with your brand message and contact details are one example of this and a fantastic way to promote your business when you don't  have a fortune to spend on your marketing campaign.

In fact, given that everyone loves promotional giveaways, these could be just the ticket for getting your name and contact number out there without spending too much of your valuable marketing budget. But first, let's take a look at the value of printed plastic pens and why they are so popular.

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Why Choose Branded Plastic Pens?

Promotional plastic pens have a great shelf life. You only have to look around at the personalised pens on your desk, in your drawers, in your pen tidy to see just how many of them you have. The chances are though, there is never one there when you need it which is why, they come in super handy if you just happen to have one in your pocket.

Of all the promotional merchandise that we produce, branded plastic pens are definitely high up the list in terms of usefulness and popularity. Think about how often you pick up a branded pen and scribble notes to yourself.

A Cheaper Alternative

Rather than expensive promotional pens, these low cost printed  pens allow you to give them out to all your staff, customers, even your family and friends. They have a low cost and a high worth so while you can make your budget go further, your name will go further too.

For the cost of an advert in a printed publication, or a small PPC campaign online, you could get yourself a few boxes of printed plastic pens that will do wonders for your brand offering longetivity.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Never mind how many gadgets, iPhones, Android phones, tablets, computers or other devices there are, we still use promotional plastic pens on a daily basis. Many of you will nod your head in appreciation as you look down to the pen next to you. We still scribble notes while on Zoom meetings or conference calls and it's always handy to have a plastic pen wherever we are, especially in work situations.

Businesses That Use Branded Plastic Pens

If you actually sit down and consider the business that can use personalised pens, the list is pretty exhaustive. it is probably quicker to list the industries rather than specific business types:

  • Leisure industry: hotels, restaurants, pubs, leisure centres, bars, gyms
  • Tradesmen: plumbers, builders, electricians and other building contractors
  • Offices: useful in the offices, communal and waiting areas
  • Health professionals: Dentists, Doctors, Vets and other medical professional waiting rooms
  • Motor trade: garages, MOT and Servicing Centres, Tyre and Exhaust specialists
  • Fashion and Retail: shop counters
  • Education: schools, colleges, universities etc.

We could go on but you get the idea and can probably recall situations in which you have seen plastic cases of pens on counters for example. There are just so many circumstances in which plastic pens come in useful.

Reasons to Choose Branded Plastic Pens

As a business, there are numerous reasons why promotional pens are an excellent choice for promotional products. Being a high value item to so many, they are much more than just a pen. Let's examine the benefits of choosing branded pens with your company logo on:

They are Easily Accessible

Many of us keep a pen in the car, one in our pocket, in our handbag, briefcase, kitchen drawer or in the office desk. If you went on the hunt for promotional plastic pens around the house, you can probably find a fair few that you have collected over the years. While they don't last forever, and aren't refillable like some pens, they are used just enough to have a long shelf life.

Suitable for All Occasions

Are you visiting customers? Take your pens with you and give them out. Perhaps you have an event coming up and have an exhibition stand. Why not pop one of these promotional plastic pens in a goody bag along with other promotional merchandise? You could pop items in a drawstring bag and give them out to people that interact with you or visit your stand.

printed plastic pens Don't Take up Space

You can order lots of promotional, branded items that take up lots of space such as mugs (which we won't say aren't great branded items) or you can order a couple of boxes of cheap plastic pens that will offer you the chance to get your marketing message out there.

Pop a handful of pens with your company logo on in your van, your car or your bag and give them out to people you meet. For businesses on a budget, they are versatile and are going to be hanging around in people's offices or homes.

Easy to Replace

Let's just say you change your company name, your logo, your website, your telephone number or some other detail about your company. The trouble is, you still have some of the old branded pens left.

It's not nearly as expensive to order a few more boxes of updated pens as it is to change other items of promotional marketing material. If you run out, you can just place an order for more. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Easy to order, quick to arrive!

Reasonable Minimum Order Quantity

If you are worried about how many you have to order then don't. We can provide a minimum order of 250 pens which means you don't have to tower thousands of printed pens and hope that you use them. Start with 250 or buy 4 boxes or more. It's easy to order more too. Just repeat your order when you run out.

Why not order yourself some different options? Try playing around with the colours. You can order some pens in one colour, some in another. Perhaps you have various brand colours and you want to incorporate these. Maybe you want some to be printed with your website and some with your phone number. With items like branded pens, you have so many options. You might want to buy one option for one part of your business and one for another. The opportunities are endless and we will be happy to accommodate as far as possible.

Where You Might Require Promotional Pens

There are many scenarios in which plastic promotional pens come in handy. we examine just a few situations in which a promotional plastic pen may come in handy:

  • Trade shows - we have already mentioned that you might use promotional pens at trade shows for example in goody bags. You might also just leave them on your stand for people to pick up
  • New product launches - celebrate the launch of a new product or service with promotional products including plastic pens
  • In reception areas - keep a pot of pens on the counter for people to sign documents, fill out forms etc and then encourage them to take the pens away.
  • New business launches - what quicker way to get your name out there than with promotional goodies including plastic pens.
  • New marketing campaigns - another useful part of the marketing arsenal alongside traditional and digital marketing efforts


Stand Out From the Competition

Rather than the clear plastic pens which are always hard to spot, why not choose something bright and vibrant incorporating your company colours with your logo or contact details printed on them? They will be easy to spot at the bottom of a bag or a drawer. Choose vibrant colours and have some fun with these promotional items that everyone will want to get their hands on.

Never Be Caught Without a Pen Again

Imagine turning up to a customer, ready to sign a contract and then reaching into your pocket and realising you don't have a pen. Having to ask the new client for a pen, while not the most embarrassing thing in the world, just lacks a little professionalism. Instead, be armed with your own pens and while you are there, give them a handful too.

People Love to Get Free Stuff

We have said it before and we will say it again; people love a freebie. It doesn't matter if it costs less than a pound or ten pounds. People just like getting free gifts. As a nation, we like getting those little presents that we weren't expecting, even if it is just a plastic pen. It is something that adds value. it's also a constant reminder of your company and the fact that it was you that gave them that free promotional pen.

Click to discover our extensive range of plastic pens and the options available to you and your business. Take a look at the the various colours and styles and then decide which is the best for your person.