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Branded Heat Packs 

The days of branding pens are starting to pass in favour of branding other marketing material, and one of the most popular right now is branded heat packs which are also called hand warmers . Businesses across the world are looking to take a stand against their competitors, and the best way to do that is to have a fantastic marketing strategy that includes promotional items that differ from the norm.

Getting your printed company logo and message seen and grabbing people's attention has to be positive, and  you can do that by offering them something useful like a hand warmers then you're onto a winner.

You can read our handy hints and tips on  why use branded hand warmers below. 



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Marketing Has Never Been So Warming!

It can be tough to find the right promotional item, and when it's summer and warm outside, choosing promotional cold packs works in the hot months but for the winter? It's got to be warming!

Promotional heat packs from We Brand 4 You can be the best merchandise that you invest in because they can be reused repeatedly! They're ideal for people as they have a variety of uses, including:

●       Using them on sprains and strains as a hot or cold compress

●       Heat Packs are used  To warm up in the colder weather!

●       Use them as cold packs for emergency food insulation.

●       Promotional Hand Warmers are  Fully Reusable and is perfectly suitable to place in a microwave container to warm or can be chilled in a freezer if you want to use as an Ice Pack


If you have a travel or health theme for your marketing strategy, your advertising swag bags have to be in line with this. Outdoor events in the winter are always fun; cold, but fun! However, you've got a brand to promote, and you need to do it in a way that's going to appeal to your chilly customers. So, along with the personally branded travel mugs, and woolly hats that you've included in swag bags, you need to add some promotional hand warmers, too!

Promotional Hand Warmers give Recurring Brand Exposure

It doesn't matter how your customers choose to use your branded heat packs, even if you use them as a cold pack, you will gain a recurrent exposure for your brand - which is precisely what you want. Each heat pack has so much room for your logo and other graphics that you can use them in pretty much any marketing campaign that suits your business. You could choose heat packs in colours that match your brand, and you can use them to promote your company as a whole.

Promotional products have been proven over and over again to have improved brand recognition and generate more sales and more profit for your business. Most people who receive branded gifts keep hold of them for some time, especially if the gifts are useful ones! Business gifts make people feel appreciated, and if you've put effort into thinking about branded heat packs during an outdoor winter event, you're going to get the right kind of exposure for your brand!

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You can choose anything that will suit your business. Promotional hot and cold packs - are the perfect addition to your marketing campaign.