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Branded Baseball Caps are often used as an effective form of Promotional Merchandise

Our Range of Custom Branded Baseball Caps can be printed or embroidered with your company logo to provide a unique opportunity for your organisation to publicise its brand, deliver targeted advertising, and champion corporate causes. No matter what your promotional objectives, our baseball caps will help you reach your target audience, provide them with something useful, and get your advertising in front of people who wouldn’t ordinarily see it.

It is reported that Donald Trump spent $3.2 Million on promotional caps with the slogan “ Make America Great again”

We also stock a huge range of Hats & Headwear in a wide range of styles, colours and something for all budgets and your company logo can be printed or embroidered 

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Why Choose Baseball Caps Embroidered with your logo ?

Our Range of Branded  caps are ideal all year round. What’s more, they provide an excellent platform on which to display your corporate image, making them perfect for both events and personal use alike. It’s time to stop using inferior promotional corporate products and embrace baseball caps, one of the most useful and versatile marketing vessels in existence.

There are many reasons why you might want to use promotional caps in your next promotion.

  • Highly Visible. Ask any branding expert, and they’ll tell you that the trick to building a great brand is repetition. The more times that customers or donors are exposed to your corporate colours, the more recognisable they become and the more they will implicitly trust you. A baseball cap are perhaps the most visible way of advertising your brand on any item of clothing. Logos on baseball caps are in direct line of sight and are quickly picked up by people in conversation.
  • Messages on a custom baseball cap will also show up readily in video recordings and television broadcasts, amplifying the reach of  the promotional items you give away.
  • Branded baseball Caps Are Fashionable.  A Custom Baseball Cap shares a sacred space alongside jeans and t-shirts as items of clothing that are never going to go out of fashion. Everyone everywhere likes wearing caps, making them an excellent choice for organisations that want to get the most bang for their buck. Unlike some items of clothing, people are highly likely to wear a baseball cap wherever they happen to be, especially at outdoor events.
  • Large Area For Branding. Caps are intrinsically good for advertising because of the large surface at the front for advertising messages. As an organisation, you can use caps to place practically any advertising message you like in large font, whether you’re promoting your corporate colours or want to raise awareness for a campaign or fundraiser.
  • Plenty Of Branding Options. Caps are highly customisable. Not only can you choose colours to match your company or cause, but you can also change the style, depending on the needs of your audience. Choose from a variety of materials, designs, patterns and market segments, from budget to premium.
  • Suitable For Summer And Winter. People tend to associate promotional headwear with the summer. But beanies are just as useful for keeping customer heads warm in the winter as baseball caps are for keeping the sun off their faces in the summer. And because caps and beanies are seasonally appropriate, it amplifies their appeal. Environmental conditions, like blazing sunshine or snow, actively encourage the wearing of promotional and branded hats. It’s a win-win for both customers and companies.
  • Great Value For Money. Because custom branded caps offer utility, visibility and versatility at low cost, they help organisations maximise their return. Charities and companies need only spend a little money on branded caps and get substantial exposure, both at events and long afterwards. People will often wear promotional caps for years and years, taking your branding wherever they go. That’s why we prioritise style: the more stylish our caps, the more likely your clientele will wear them.

How Promotional Baseball Caps Help Your Organisation Thrive

Although branded caps have some inherent advantages over many promotional items, they can also help your organisation thrive.

Branded caps are an excellent way for you to say “thank you” to people who have helped your charity or company succeed. An employee could have worked several weekends in a row. A customer may have left a positive review online. Or a donor may have paid a lot of money into the charity coffers. Whatever it is, a cap can help your organisation demonstrate its appreciation for the hard work and dedication of others.

To Promote A Corporate Message

As an organisation, you need to be able to get your message out to your target audience, whether that’s customers, stakeholders or people likely to give donations. Thanks to their high visibility and universal appeal then a Promotional Item is an ideal way to spread your corporate messages in a variety of settings.

Good causes and fundraisers require immediately, high-impact marketing to be successful. With our caps you have an opportunity to spread knowledge of your cause far and wide, getting people interested in what you’re doing.

To Convert Customers

As most organisations will attest, getting conversions is difficult. Customer interest can wax and wane, and the sales process can be long. Providing a branded cap, however, can help tip the balance and trigger a sale or donation. The simple act of giving makes encourages reciprocity, upping that your target audience will do what you want.

Our specialised equipment means that we can faithfully recreate practically any logo on a baseball cap. Get in touch with us today to submit your logo, order baseball caps and kick start your next promotional campaign. You won't be disappointed.