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Browse our Collection of Custom Branded Face Masks 

Something that we never expected to be offering as part of our branding service for businesses were branded face masks with company branding. Traditionally, face masks were something associated with the medical profession or for those in countries like China where they wear masks as standard to cope with the air pollution. 

Unfortunately, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and the Government legislation that came into place on 25th July 2020, means that it is now essential to wear a  face mask as standard when shopping, or entering indoor premises across England and following social distancing rules. Branded re-usable face masks are a new way of living and something that we didn’t expect to have to be getting used to but, for the foreseeable future, it looks like they are here to stay. 

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Expectation to Wear a Mask

Even with the prospect of the restrictions being lifted, we will still be expected to exercise good judgement when it comes to wearing face masks in high infection settings. There will be people that take their chance and cease to wear them but then there will be those that prefer the comfort and security that a face covering offers them. 

It may be some time before we see people entering shops, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other indoor premises without branded re-usable face covers. The expectation of others mean that a great deal of people will continue to wear them. It therefore makes sense for businesses to capitalise on this and use this the customised face mask to their advantage.

Face Masks Minimise the Risk of Transmission

Like them or not, face masks are there to keep us safe and to minimise the risk of spread of the coronavirus. For business owners, they have a duty to protect themselves, their staff and visitors or customers whether that’s providing branded re-usable face covers as part of a uniform or offering them to customers when they come through the door. 

Logo face masks are the perfect opportunity for businesses to purchase branded re-usable face covers uk to protect their staff and customers. Not only are you offering a public service to your staff and clients and reducing the spread of the virus, you also have the opportunity to market your business. 

Our Extensive Range of  Face Masks can be Printed with your Logo

From personal protective equipment (PPE) face shields through to  a branded  facemask with ear loops, and many other accessories, we have an extensive range of promotional face coverings to suit different environments, events and situations and prevent the virus spread. Not only that but we also have ample stock so you don’t need to worry about us running out of your required products. 

We can turn around orders of corporate face covers quickly too so in a matter of days, your promotional face coverings will be with you. Want to know more? Let’s take a look at our range of branded facemasks, available on our website, and the different options you can purchase for your business or event which include the following:

Face Masks with Filters

You have probably seen many people wearing the standard disposable masks but you might also have seen people wearing masks with air filters too. With our filter face masks, as soon as the mask comes into contact with bacteria, it begins a process that destroys the bacteria through starvation. 

This protects the mask's wearer from potentially threatening bacteria being spread. Having printed face masks is also a great promotional tool. The ideal solution for the modern business.

On the Go Commuter Branded Packs

Hopping on and off trains, buses and other forms of public transport mean that you have always got to have a face mask or printed face coverings in your pocket or bag. It’s also helpful to have hand sanitiser with you, especially if you are standing on the Tube and grabbing hand rails that others have touched. 

Our On the Go Commuter Packs include disposable face masks and a hand sanitiser atomiser in a handy pillow box. The box and the atomiser an both be branded. 

Face Mask Straps and Ear Hooks

In addition to masks with adjustable elastic ear loops, you can also protect your ears from the constant use of a face mask with silicone ear hooks or face mask straps. For those that are required to wear a face mask all day long, these protective accessories can offer a comfortable fit and support to wearers. 

Hospitality Packs

Our variety of Hospitality Packs, designed in the a pillow shaped box, contain hand sanitiser atomiser, vinyl gloves, 2 disposable face masks and chocolates. Hotels can pop them into rooms with their own bespoke branding on the boxes, the atomiser and the chocolates. You can brand the boxes and most of the elements within them. 

The mask is an excellent form of promotional merchandise that gets your brand noticed and makes a statement that you care about protecting your customers and staff. Especially good if you forget to pack your face mask when going away for the weekend or an overnight trip.

Branded Corporate Face Masks

Want smart branded face coverings for the office? Introducing our certified Smart Fabric Face Masks which offer antimicrobial protection for up to 50 washes. You can order them with spot colours or full colour mask printing to include your company logo. 

Have big customers that you want to impress? Place a bespoke branded face mask order for your corporate customers and offer that personal touch with a branded re-usable face mask reusable face masks incorporating their logo. You can also offer them for face to face meetings that are starting to resume. 

Branded face masks are likely to be the way that many face to face client meetings are conducted as we resume some sort of normality. They are also a fantastic opportunity to increase brand exposure

Fun Face Masks

It’s not been easy to expect children to wear face masks. The older teenagers want something that matches their outfits, the younger ones want one that is fun with their favourite characters on them. The need for social distancing has already been something strange that they have had to deal with, now they are expected to adhere to government guidelines and use masks too. 

For the younger children, we have a range of fun printed face masks that will make the children less reluctant to wear them. Puppies, cats, tiger print and other funky designs are among the options that you can choose from and these are a reusable face mask. 

For schools that provide branded face masks for their students, this is your chance to order in bulk and have your school logo printed onto them. Even if the children aren’t required to wear them in class for every lesson, they can still wear them on school transport, on school outings while representing your educational establishment or in the community. 

A great form of promotional face masks in the absence of people being able to visit your school. 

The Businesses That Can Benefit From Printed Face Coverings

Restaurants, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, fast food outlets, corporate operations, coffee shops, schools, clubs, leisure centres, churches, medical practises, public transport… the list is almost endless. There are so many businesses and organisations that can benefit from promotional face masks:

·     Provide promotional face coverings to staff 

·     Give them to clients or visitors that have forgotten theirs

·     Offer a face covering as a thoughtful gift to all visitors of your premises 

·     Use them to engage potential clients

·     Offer them to students, members of clubs etc. 

The Benefits of Printed Face Masks for Business

ASI found that 57% of consumers would be more likely to do business with a supplier who offered a promotional face mask. Branded face masks are currently smart promotional products to invest in and a useful product for consumers among other branded items. 

Over 80% of people say they wear them all or most of the time in public. A high quality, attractive, and promotional face masks have the opportunity to give your brand a huge boost in visibility. With an estimated 4,235 impressions per promo mask over its lifetime, consumers aren’t going to throw this product away and will continue to use.

A Cost Effective Way to Promote Your Business

The great news is, it’s not expensive to provide branded face masks that are printed with your company logos. For a small investment, you are not only getting brand exposure, you are also showing that you care about the protection of customers and employees with face coverings. It looks like the branded re-usable  face cover is here to stay so having a stock of them on your premises means you can give them away as you see fit. 

The more people you can furnish with a face mask, the wider audience that your brand is reaching. For more information about our personalised face masks and other promotional merchandise, contact us and our experienced sales team can talk you through the various options and lead times