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Promotional Pencil Cases

Our range of promotional pencil cases are ideal for businesses and charities who want to appeal to a wide audience, but particularly young people in education.

With us, you can gift an exciting array of unique, custom-designed pencil cases which clearly and powerfully display your logo for all to see.


Why choose Branded Pencil Cases 

Our range of pencil cases includes classic pencil cases, budget pencil cases and eco-friendly options. With our  pencil cases, you can appeal to clients or customers from all walks of life, each with their own priorities. Our budget pencil cases, for instance, are ideal for customers who need a functional place to store their stationery. Our clear pencil cases are an excellent solution for businesses or charities who want to give students something that will be permitted in all situations, including exams. Our eco pencil cases are for charities and companies who want to show off their green credentials.

Branded pencil cases, however, don’t have to be insubstantial. That’s why we offer our Charles Dickens pencil case. Made of leather, the Charles Dickens is a high-quality pencil case in its own right, can easily be customised with your logo, and will last for years. Customers and charity donors will love and treasure it, thanks to its high-quality construction and stylish zipper. A pencil case that comes with colouring pencils may be more appealing to certain groups, especially children and artists. Our 7-, 12-, and 24-piece colouring pencil sets come with rubbers and sharpeners inside a stylish case.

Promotional pencil cases are a surefire way to promote your business or charity. But why are they so effective?

The first reason has to do with their utility versus their cost. People need pencil cases for all kinds of reasons, whether they’re in education, at work, or want to carry their writing equipment with them as they travel around the country.  Promo Pencil cases offer enormous utility but at exceptionally low cost, making them an ideal promotional material for businesses. When businesses gift custom pencil cases, people believe that they’re getting something of great value because they are so useful to them. And the company giving the case gets a good deal too because they evoke positive sentiment in their customers without having to incur significant costs.

The next reason to choose a promotional pencil case is that they offer a large blank canvas for you to write your logo. Our pencil cases have large, easily-visible sides that allow for clear logo placement. By giving out printed pencil cases with your logo, you can get your branding into educational establishments, corporate offices, and even public transport.

Another reason for choosing pencil cases as a promotional product is that they may appeal to specific customer segments or donor groups. If your business or charity targets young people or those in education, a pencil case might be the perfect gift to promote what you do. You may find that you increase the chance that a student or faculty member makes a purchase when you offer them a pencil case because they become automatically more familiar with your brand. Well, one reason is that you can tailor your choice of pencil case to your target market or situation. If you’re working to a budget, we offer pencil cases with exceptionally low unit prices, great for mass promotions or when you want to get your brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible. However, if you're going to appeal to individual customers, we also offer premium pencil cases, made of materials like leather, that stand as quality products in their own right. Pencil cases like these help to create a great impression, especially when targeting high-value customers or new groups of people who may not be familiar with what you do.

With a range of colours and zippered design, they are suitable for boys, girls, men and women of all ages. No matter who comprises your customer base, we have a solution that will suit your situation. We regularly update our collection of promotional and custom pencil cases to reflect new trends and applications. With us, you’ll always be able to find the perfect pencil case for the situation. Take a look at all of the new and interesting pencil cases in our range and start using stationery to get your brand in front of the people who matter to your business today. Don't delay.

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