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Promotional Hats

If you’re looking from incredible value branded hats then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find a variety of great hats in our collection that will appeal to your customer base.

Our hats give your organisation unrivalled ability to promote a cause, no matter what that might be. Branded hats are perhaps the most potent gift when embroidered with your company logo to advertise your brand, thanks to their high visibility, high utility and low cost.

We also stock a huge range of Baseball Caps

Personalised Hats & Headwear

At We Brand 4 You we offer a wide choice of a hats and beanies in a range of colours and styles. No matter who your target audience might be, we have a hat that will suit them at the lowest prices and fastest delivery.

Take our acrylic knitted hats, for instance. Not only are they low cost, but they also come in a wide variety of colours, from turquoise to pure white to pink. No matter what image your company wants to promote, we have the colour to match.

And speaking of showing off your corporate image, the quality of branding on our promotional hats and beanies is second-to-none. We will stitch your design (Embroidery), right onto the hats themselves using our specialised equipment, faithfully recreating your brand images and marketing materials.

At We Brand 4 You, we prioritise style. Why? Because we know that when you provide customers and donors with stylish gifts, they are much more likely to wear them. The more they wear them, the more exposure you achieve for your promotional messages, and the better your organisation performs. It’s a winning cycle.

The first reason has to do with visibility.

When worn, branded beanies sit at just the right height to be visible to the people around the person wearing it. What’s more, they’re ideal for promoting your business on video or TV. Cameras will pick up and broadcast promotional images, giving you free airtime and coverage for your business.

printed hats and headwear accessories are also exceptional value for money.

Our range of hats offers unit prices well below what you or your customer might expect. Our promotional hats are exceptionally cost-effective to make and distribute, making them among the best corporate gifts.

A printed hat has great utility, branded woolly hats are ideal for winter events, especially around the holidays and Halloween. Winter hats help to keep people attending your events stay warm, encouraging them to put them on immediately. What’s more, hats will last for years to come, encouraging people to wear them as they go about their daily business, spreading your brand image to the broader public in the process.

One of the main advantages of promotional hats

Is their ability to generate brand awareness, not just in the person wearing them, but also in the people around them. Clear logo placement helps to breed familiarity and fosters donations and sales. Customers who feel like they know your brand already are much more likely to want to buy from you than customers who don’t. Branded caps are particularly suitable for charities or companies who want to get people interested in a project or fundraiser. By including your company or charity details (or the branding for the event), you can get people more interested in what you’re doing and motivate greater buzz. You might use caps, for instance, to promote a marketing campaign, boost interest in a charity event, or remind customers of a service that they may have a tendency to forget.

What’s more the ratio of exposure to cost is exceptionally high for hats and as they are cheap, worn often and give organisations the opportunity to get their branding and messages in front of countless people. Hats and workwear are often a great way to get your brand in front of people who wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to it.

What about conversions?

Branded hats can help there too? It turns out that they can. Because personalised hats offer customers the utility that they want, it could encourage them to choose your product over the competition. By giving prospects something that they can use, like a cap, you make them feel as if they owe you something in return, making it more likely that they will part with their cash. Voluntary and charity organisations can use caps to the same end, fostering a desire to reciprocate among their customers. Branded hats can be the trigger that seals the deal, causing a person to commit to buy or donate, ensuring that you get their business.

Another reason you might want to use branded hats is to reward the people you rely on, whether customers or donors. When people do something positive for your organisation, it’s nice to give them something back for their effort so that they feel appreciated. Whether it’s for something as small as filling out a customer satisfaction survey or as large as making a cash donation, promotional hats serve as a great way to say “thank you” while at the same time promoting your brand.

As an organisation with a limited budget, you care about the price of promotional hats. Thanks to our low-cost manufacturing methods, suppliers and business model, you get exceptional value for money when you buy through us. And remember, the more you order, the more you save on a per-unit basis.