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Embroidered Hats

Has finding the right company for your embroidery needs been difficult?

Having the right company by your side when you need embroidery hats is the first step to achieving your business or company objectives. Embroidery hats are a great way to make your brand visible. In the corporate world, these hats have a great significance. That is why we are here. We Brand 4 You help you pass a message to your clients about your brand and reputation.

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Who We Are

We are a professional supplier of branded merchandise, including embroidered caps and promotional products. We are based in Chorley, Lancashire, United Kingdom, but we have managed to build a stellar reputation all around the United Kingdom thanks to our quality merchandise and gifts.

We serve small, medium, and large businesses, clubs, and companies in the UK, and our main aim is to help them sell their message to clients through our products and merchandise. As a company that has managed to stay afloat, even in the most challenging time. We attribute our success not only to our quality work but our ability to provide our customers with an excellent shopping experience and pour friendly customer service who are always ready to help whenever our clients call.

Embroidery Hats for All Your Company Needs

It is common practice to find companies incorporating embroidery hats into their work attire. However, there is power in embroidery caps. Here are some reasons why you should include these essential items in your company. These hats give your organization the ability to remain visible as you promote your cause and mandate. They are a gift that communicates better than many others because they are visible, provide utility and value, and cost-effective. You need to express your style, and we will work with you.

Professionalism. Quality embroidered beanies with a logo are a show of professionalism for a company. To get a classy yet professional-looking design, you should work with a company that understands embroidery design. We Design 4 You is one of the top embroidery hat design companies you can turn to for your embroidery needs.

Business gifting. Embroidered hats are a spectacular way to gift potential partners, suppliers, and other business affiliates that walk into your offices. These hats communicate that you are a reliable, worthy partner that values their partners. Further, you get the added advantage of exposure as they will carry your logo and brand name wherever they go.

Exceptionality. Every business wishes that its brand should stand out. However, to do so, you must use more than just your website and social media. Custom embroidered beanie hats with a logo and other embroidery options have become the go-to option for many companies today. At We Brand 4 You, we can help your company develop creative and strong embroidering on hats that will reflect your brand and resonate deeply with those who will be privileged to adorn the hats. If you give these logo hats to your employees, it creates a unique and refined appearance that reflects your name positively.

For the Best Promotional Hats and Personalized Headwear

One of the reasons why you should work with us is because we have a wide variety of headwear in different colours and styles to choose from. These hats can be chosen according to the target audience, and we have something for every target. This means that no matter the message you want to convey, we have a hat that suits the cause.

Some of the headwear we produce include:

  • Baseball caps
  • Twill bucket hats
  • Beanies
  • Sun visors
  • Storm bucket hats
  • Size adjuster caps

We use embroidery machines to create your logo on these unique pieces. Embroidery is strong and long-lasting and is of unquestionable quality. If you want to impress, embroidery designs are the way to go.

Hats are especially a great choice because of their visibility. Wherever you are, someone will be able to see that you are wearing a branded hat. This makes it an easy method of promoting your brand and business, as you get to interact with people from a unique angle, even when you are not physically present.

While our embroidered caps are high-quality, they are cost-effective. Customers are always complaining of high prices when they want to buy embroidered headwear. At We Brand 4 You, we understand that our clients deserve only the best. For this reason, we do not expect them to trade quality for friendly prices. Therefore, these are the best possible corporate gifts you can send to a client, supplier, or potential investor.

Apart from the friendly prices, these caps have high utility. For instance, it would be great to wear woolly hats during the winter or on holidays such as Halloween, and baseball caps can be worn to sports events. You can arrange to distribute these to your staff members during the winter weather to keep them warm. As they go out, people will be able to view your brand, increasing their chances of identifying and doing business with you. Caps, and generally headwear, are long-lasting. They will be worn over the years, which will keep you in people's minds for years to come. Even if your company is on a limited budget, it would be helpful to consider promotional caps. We will still offer outstanding value for money if you shop with us or add our products into your shopping cart. With our tools, such as embroidery machines and low-cost manufacturing methods, we can deliver the promise of quality branded hats.

Why Work with Us?

Getting the right hats with logos is not just as easy as relying on the ability of Google Analytics to sort out the best companies for you. While the search results might lead to positive outcomes, not all the companies you see on the search results deliver what they advertise. A marketing manager should strive to ensure that the company executes the right message to the public. You need to choose an affordable marketing channel that will speak on your behalf as you focus on your core business. This is where we come in. Investing in promotional products such as caps, you can pass the right message just once without the need for a repeat. For this to happen, you need a company with the proper knowledge and skills, such as We Brand for You. By investing in our products such as promotional caps, you can choose colours and designs that work for you, and we will do the rest. While this is a process you will pass through only once, your company can continue benefiting long after the marketing campaign is done. Below are some of the reasons you should work with us

  • Professionalism and Experience. As a company serving the UK for many years, we have the necessary skills and experience to help you. When you reach out to us for one of our products or items, we will advise and help you understand the process of production and the colours that suit your brand and needs before producing a final product. Since we have done this numerous times, it is easy to place and have your order delivered by us.
  • Quality merchandise. Embroidery is not just a technique we use as a matter of design. Our embroidered headwear of good quality and will last long. If we apply your company logo onto the fabric, you do not have to worry about it wearing off after a few months. Instead, you can be confident that it will be there to stay. Apart from our embroidered headwear, we provide quality accessories and apparel from our different product categories.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Unlike other companies that will let you choose between quality and affordability, we do not believe in making our clients choose. We incorporate low-cost manufacturing and have a business model that makes it convenient for both the customer and us to benefit from cost-effective pricing. Therefore, you should not feel that your budget is limited. We can work hand in hand to make your products that suit your company regardless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it advisable for my company to choose promotional items and branded caps as giveaways?

Promotional products have always been and will continue to be a great way to retain old customers and attract potential once while putting themselves in the spotlight. This is why companies have been using this valuable strategy for decades now. Even with social media taking over the world of marketing by storm, promotional items such as embroidered hats are still working to companies' advantage.  With promotional items, you have the chance to catch the attention of potentials, who eventually convert into customers. When a prospective customer receives a promotional embroidered gift, they are likely to remember you in the future when they need to conduct business. If your customers associate your brand with friendliness and generosity, they will likely buy from you.

Since you have a wide variety of promotional merchandise, what do clients prefer?

Let's face it, people like freebies. However, when considering promotional merchandise, you should choose those that are functional and trendy. For instance, embroidered headwear and water bottles are timeless items that can never go out of style. With the right amount of care, these items can be used over and over again. To choose the right product, you need to understand your audience, what they like, and how they relate to that particular product. If you know their habits and behaviour, you can probably get insight into what would be useful for them. If you can offer functionality and value, you will have them hooked. Eventually, even those who were not customers will think of you when they need your services.

What happens after I order for merchandise?

Once you place an order, you will receive an email showing the order number. This email will also show your logo artwork. Our team of experts will then set this artwork to be embroidered onto your headwear of choice. We will ensure that the colours used will result in a quality product in the end. Our team then sets up for production, and the logo is added to the merchandise. At this stage, we ensure that the colors are right, and the placement of the logo is as should be before ascertaining that the product is ready for shipping. After this, the order has to pass through quality control, and then it is packaged. The packaged order is then shipped to you as you would wish.

We ensure that we equip you with the necessary details, such as tracking numbers once the merchandise leaves our warehouses. You can choose to have your items transported to you in days, or you can choose to have them sooner at an extra fee at checkout.

Can I return my brand hats order if I'm not satisfied with the quality?

We appreciate it when our customers reach out to us after they receive their orders. Let us know if you loved the final product or something wrong—for instance, a defect with the embroidered parts. Whichever the feedback, we appreciate it and we would be glad to assist. If any aspect of our work does not please you, please reach out to us, and we will find a suitable solution to the problem at hand. If there are any defects, especially with apparel and decoration, ensure that you notify us as soon as possible for better outcomes.  

When are you open?

We value our customers, which is why we ensure that we are available every day of the week between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm. However, we also understand that our experts need to rest. This is why we are not open over the weekend.

Contact Us Today

We are available to work on your order at any time on Mon-Fri. However, to initiate the process, you need to reach out to us on email through or give us a call on 01257 260372. Our reliable customer service agents are always on the line, ready to receive your call and attend to your needs. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today for the best embroidery hats experience.

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