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Printed Sticky Notes 

Our range of sticky notes are a great marketing tool for any business. Branded sticky notes serve a purpose in any workplace and  they make  great promotional products. sticky note pads come in a range of colours which can be custom printed in full colour, with your company logo it makes it possible for you to showcase your business and promote your products or services. You can hand out your printed sticky memo pads out at trade events and pass them clients when you meet, ensuring they know who you are as a brand.

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Custom Branded Sticky Notes

As far as promotional merchandise is concerned, branded post-it notes are up there as one of the best marketing tools. You can order them in bulk in your brand colours and they offer exceptional value for money. You can get your logo seen by thousands of people because sticky notes often get passed around. They might get placed in a document in one office and then share with a client in another office. Whatever it might be, promotional post-it notes are a simple and effective marketing tool.

The great thing about them is that once they are out there, they are actively marketing your brand. printed Post it notes is one of the most useful services around for those seeking accessories that boost their brand power.

There are no other costs associated with them other than the initial purchase cost. Therefore, it is a cost-effective way to advertise your brand. If you are seeking a perfect promotional branded item then post-it notes are the ideal choice. Give them away to as many people as you wish and watch as your business reaches a wider audience with ease. Read on to learn more about what makes promotional sticky notes such a great choice for promoting your brand.


Adhesive Sticky notes are used in a wide range of environments. They are not just seen on desks and in offices, and are very popular in places like schools, colleges and universities, medical practices and care homes. There are many different shapes, colours and sizes to choose from, which means it’s easy to find sticky notes to fit your specific requirements.


There are many great reasons to invest in promotional items such as promotional sticky notes. Promotional items enable you to create exposure for your brand at little cost and can help you gain a real edge over the competition. If you do have a large number of competitors, it’s important to do everything you can to get the exposure that you need. The more useful your promotional items are the better, and sticky notes are incredibly valuable for companies and organisations from a wide range of industry sectors.

You can get your sticky notes or personalised post it notes out to your clients using a variety of methods. You could send them out in the post, deliver them by hand or pass them around at trade shows. It’s a good idea to add not only your logo to your sticky notes but your contact details too, so people don’t even have to consult a search engine to find out how to get in touch with you. The boost to your brand visibility delivered by a sticky note pad can be worth its weight in gold. The more familiar with your brand your customers become, the more likely they are to turn to you when they need what you are offering.


The fact that sticky notes are so affordable is great news for smaller businesses with only a small amount of money to spend. You can give an item or items to existing customers to retain their business as well as potential new ones you need to win over. A promotional item also gives your brand an air of credibility and introduce your brand to people who may have never encountered it before.

Another great reason for purchasing promotional items like sticky notes for memo sending is that they keep you in your customers’ minds on a long-term basis. You can even send the companies more sticky notes when they run out, or treat them to other items that they will derive a great deal of value from. As there’s a big chance your sticky notes will be passed around the work environment, you can use them to create a great deal of exposure. Few people that receive a free item or accessories regard them as a nuisance. It’s said that around half of those that do receive them go on to use them. Even if someone has no use for the item themselves, they may pass it on to someone that does. These items and accessories can also be much more effective than costlier forms of advertising, such as placing an ad in the paper or on TV.