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Branded Pencils Printed with your Company logo

With the large range  of promotional pencils available to companies looking for cheap promotional giveaways, numerous pencils can be considered for multiple business sectors. You name it we have it… standard pencils, mechanical pencils, colouring pencils  With every imaginable style, type and colour available which can be custom printed with your  logo. You could spend a large amount of time browsing the various pages of writing instruments that we have on offer. With pages and pages of printed pencils to choose from let’s consider the benefits of the trusted pencil and how the brand awareness can benefit your business.

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 Why choose Printed Pencils instead of Branded Pens ?

If you are at all skeptical about how custom pencils can help your business and customer base grow further than you could have hoped, then keep reading for all the great advantages of Printed Promotional Pencils with your company logo


You have to spend money to make money, but you shouldn't have to spend a fortune for your business to be seen. That's why you need to consider using  Promotional merchandise with your marketing budget on low cost promotional pencils.

Great for Advertising

Promotional pencils are an all-round advertising tool and promotional pencils with your company logo are a very affordable marketing tool, easy, environmentally friendly, and simple which is everything a company needs when selecting a marketing tool. The printed promotional pencil will stay with customers as it serves a function beyond being just an advertising tool. People will have them on display in their hands with your company name, on their desks, or possibly behind their ear for when they need it. Complete advertising in places you wouldn't be able to get to any other way.

Cheap personalised pencils easy to distribute; you can send them in the post, give them away with  at trade shows, or even leave a pot for people to take as they please. They'll be advertising your company for you after all.

Lots of options

There are hundreds of different options, you can select your colour, style, even a little eraser tip on the end of the pencil if you like or if your target audience are architects  you might want to consider mechanical pencils and if your are targeting children then colouring pencils are probably your best option. It's all customisable to suit your needs so that you receive the exact product you want. But don't worry about our wide range of merchandise becoming overwhelming with too much to consider. Our easy to navigate system will let you easily create your personalised pencils and place an order in no-time!


You might not have considered using promotional pencils or colouring pencils for advertising, but they are a highly effective marketing tool as they are an actual tool that has a function. As people are bombarded with advertisements constantly now, they are easily forgettable as then next adverts are thrown at them. But a promotional pencil will stay with them, literally and figuratively.

As clients and customers will be using the custom pencils rather than just passing by it like most adverts, they will view it differently. They will better recognise your brand after seeing your name, loge or possibly face every time they use it. But they will also associate your company with quality and practicality, as they are using your printed promotional pencils in a time of need, then they will trust they can also rely on you as a company.

Who Uses Printed Pencils?

Well, the simple answer is anyone that uses them, and that's most people. Due to the great prices and speedy delivery, making sure everyone has one of your promotional pencils printed with your logo will be a simple task.

Simply display your new printed pencils at the entrance of your business or give them away at trade shows, and allow the customers to take as many as they need. Even if they don't use the pencil, the advertisement is still out there. Allow customers to take as many as they need. People are always borrowing pencils, so this is a great way for customers to share your brand with other future customers.

Many businesses only operate online now, but that doesn't mean that still can't effectively use pencils as a great promotional tool. You will be able to easily add a complimentary gift to every order with our low prices. Not only will the customer be pleased with their free promotional merchandise within their package but you will be spreading your brand even further. This can be an extremely effective way to easily gain global advertisement in no time, with next to no money.

But some people and professions do use pencils more frequently than others, so if you can target these users directly, then you'll be even better off.

Builders, mechanical workers, carpenters and such still utilise the simple pencil in their day to day work.

If you can get your branded pencils in their pockets, then you have the best chance of reaching other workers, houses and companies.

We offer a range of custom pencils that have a unique style to aid with these professions. This will be detailed later on, so grab a pencil so you can take notes.

How to Customise Branded Pencils

Our business is not just selling pencils, our goal is to give you custom, eco-friendly, low-cost promotional merchandise that doesn't take days to design with complex knowledge and we have designed our business site so that anyone can make custom promotional  products easily. 

Follow these simple steps to get fast delivery of custom pencils to you today.

On our site, we have a page dedicated to promotional pencils, but you can easily browse the other personalised promotional merchandise we offer such as pens, mugs, stress balls, and all kinds of gadgets that help promote your business.

You can select to view the pencils in relation to the production time, we want to be completely transparent with our products, in price, quality but also in the time it will take to deliver to you. Some products will take longer to customise, so this option is great if you are in urgent need and need something made quickly.

You can also view via popularity to see what products your competitors are using and which products have sold the most.

Once you have found the perfect promotional products, simply click the product to be taken to our 'get a quote' form.

Our form is quick and simple to fill in. We just need to know how many pencils you want, the more pencils you buy the better value we can give you. These are a great item to stock up on, you can easily store them with no worries. Ready for when you need them.

Then fill in the notes section with everything you are looking for.

Tell us about your logo, any writing you want on the pencils, the colours if you know which you want. Once we have all the details, we will find the best quote for you so that you can order today.

Different Types of Promotional Pencils

You might not have thought about different pencils, but choosing the right pencil depending on your business can optimise the use and spread of your promotional merchandise. Read on to find out which product will suit your business.

Wooden Pencils

Consumers want more than just a quality product now, they also want a product that is green. We aren't just talking about the colour, though we do offer green pencils, we are talking about eco-friendly. We offer recycled products and eco-friendly products. So that you can gift promotional products that you are happy with and the customer will be more than glad to receive.

One great eco-friendly option that is cheap and versatile is the wooden pencil.

Coloured Pencils

We have a wide range of colour pencils for you to select from, on the outside and the inside. For the pencils design, you can choose up to 4 different colours from a wide range. This allows you to personalise the pencil better than other companies, that have a smaller limit and selection. No matter what styles and colour palates best represents your company, we will be able to easily replicate it on any promotional products you are currently in the market for.

Clients with younger customers or just companies wanting to branch out for the normal, we offer a selection of pencils in different colours. Not every colour suits the basic grey that most pencils provide. so, if you are looking for something to really stand out, we are prepared to create your colourful vision today.

Carpenters Pencils

Carpenter pencils are the perfect personalised gift to give to your clients if they work in trades like carpentry, building or some kind of mechanical work. This range of pencils is uniquely designed with flat edges so that workers can place the pencil on surfaces without them rolling off. A logo or message can be better read on this flat surface, so it helps you and your customer.

Pencils with Erasers

If you want to take the step further in offering your customers, not just a promotional product, but a gift with practical applications, then add on an eraser.

One of the main reasons that we use pencils is because we can erase our work. Whether it's because they have made a little mistake or they just need to mark something and then remove it, having an eraser makes a pencil much more practical.

Your clients will appreciate your help when they need a pencil and when they need an eraser. Anytime you can be more useful and have your product used, the more your company will be advertised and appreciated.

Whatever business you have, there is always the opportunity to gift your clients a practical item that will help you create brand awareness of your amazing company. 

Contact us now if you need help placing an order today so that we can get a fast delivery to you in just days with the best prices.