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Promotional Coasters

Grow your brand with promotional coasters that can be used in the home or workplace. These affordable business gifts could be the perfect addition to any goody bag, given our at an exhibition or event or can easily be mailed out to new customers.

Investing in coasters is a great move when you’re seeking out affordable ways to market your business as promotional coasters are also cheap to post out to your clients or prospects. Chances are your customers will start to think about your business every time they have a brew at there desk,  Branded Glass Coasters  are distinctive and helps you make an excellent impression on clients and customers and make it easy for them to find your contact details.


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Branded Coasters

When you want to help push your business in the right direction, branded drinkware a very smart marketing way you can achieve that to incentivise potential buyers and reward loyal customers. At We Brand 4 You, we know just how hard it can be to market your business. With so much to choose from in terms of online and offline marketing, where do you focus on the most?

However, we recommend that if you are looking to build your local reputation then you invest in local branding. And the best way to do that isn’t with grandiose billboards and space-sucking advertisements. It’s actually done through some smart word of mouth-style marketing methods. That’s why our promotional coasters are among some of our most popular products with our clients today. With bespoke printed coasters, we can make sure that you can make a much more positive impression. If you are trying to target any kind of person, then there is a good chance that they will want to use a coaster. So, why not sell them one of your top quality printed coasters – or hand it out as a promo gift?

With our top quality printed coasters and promotional products, you can make marketing your business so much easier. Marketing can feel like a headache, but it does not really have to be. If you want to make marketing seem much like a much easier experience for your business, and avoid budgetary wastage, you need to use our coasters. Many coasters can make just the right impact. From people spotting them in local bars, pubs, clubs, coffee shops, stores, and even in people’s homes, you can make your business far more stand-out than it is today.

So, if you want to invest in a good quality printed coaster, why not do so with our help?

Why are coasters so useful to my marketing?

So, if you are thinking about new ways to promote your business going for our coasters might make a lot of sense. Why, though, are coasters such a fine choice for marketing?

  • For one, using a coaster stands out on the table. When you look at something like a plain wood table, you notice all the little features on it. Well, coasters are easily identifiable.
  • The contrast that we can create with the image ensures that our coasters are stand-out for the right reason. This makes it much easier for people to learn more about your business.
  • With the easy contact details and the like we can add to a coaster, it’s like posting little business cards all over the world. Think how often you read a coaster; you aren’t alone!
  • Many people will paw over a coaster and use that to try and gain some information locally. That’s’ why so many people are using our coasters to help promote their business.
  • By having your printed coasters in every legitimate location in the local area, you will easily boost your visibility locally. That will go a long way to making sure you can pick up new custom.
  • It will ensure that your business is more readily seen by the locals who are looking for a business to help them. If you can solve X problem, we’ll make sure it’s stated on your coasters!
  • With something as small as a coaster, you can make a significant impact. By giving someone the information that they need in one simple product, they know exactly what they are getting.

You can remove uncertainty about what it is that your business does. With our promotional coasters, we can spell it out loud and clear just what your business has to offer.

What kind of coasters can I buy?

At We Brand 4 You, we look to give you access to all manner of coasters. Our aim is simple; to give you as much marketing choice as you could possibly need. With so many branded and printed products, we can make your business seem so much more official. With our great collection of products to pick from, too, including our printed coasters, standing out has never been so simple.

In the past, companies wanted to blend in with the local area and feel like part of the local furniture. With our help, though, we can make sure that you stand out and catch the attention of many new customers. By working with us, we can make sure that you are left with some top quality coasters that could easily be put to good use. 

Counter Mats

What about when you want to give the whole area a bit of extra protection? Then use our counter mats. Easily designed with an image of your choice, you can then cover up all the space on your counters. Great for everything from restaurants and pubs to local establishments where items are prepared. If you are looking for an easy way to promote your business, hand out our printed coasters into local establishments like restaurants and bars.

They’ll appreciate the free mats, and you’ll get to benefit from the extra work that comes your way through this smart yet subliminal promotion.

Beer Mats

The good old classic beer mat is a must if you want to hand them out around local establishments. Pick up one of these and you could easily hand them out to local venues and ensure they have new mats to use. From local pubs and clubs to cafes and the like, you can use beer mats to hand out your company name with ease.

This is a good way to make sure you can push your name and your business reputation across the local area whilst people sink a few drinks.

Aqua Coaster

Another popular choice from our collection is our new aqua coaster collections. These are cool little coasters to hand out as they stand out well. Good for things like receptions and other lobbies where you might want to catch the attention of someone waiting.

We recommend handing out coasters like this if you are looking for an easy way to gain local interest in your business. You could include a good promotional deal or promote your ability to solve a common local problem. Whatever you choose to do, our coasters will assist with getting you some extra calls!

One thing you will find when it comes to buying from our branded glasses and printed coasters is just how easy it is to make them unique. With a fine collection of styles to comb through, you should have no problem at all in picking out a beer mat that you like the look of. Simply take a look at our collection, and you’ll soon pick out your ideal coaster.

For more help in choosing high quality marketing aids in the form of printed coasters, come and talk to us today. We can help you to find the ideal coaster set-ups to help make sure your business can be seen, heard, and noticed locally for a long time to come!