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Promotional Crayons

Promotional kids crayons make a great gift for any hospitality venue, Pre - school, playgroups when branded with your logo and help to keep those children entertained.

WeBrand4You Guarantee low prices on promotional colouring crayons branded with your company logo.

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Why Choose Promotional Crayons

It’s so important that when you are running a business campaign, you’re going to put a little colour into it. The best way to promote your business in a place that includes children is to add promotional crayons. Branded crayons make the perfect gift for any hospitality venue, pre-school, playgroup, hotel and restaurant.

Children need to be entertained as much as possible, and with the right branded crayons, you can give parents food for thought while keeping their children entertained. You can leave them in the room or hand them out in little goody bags, either way, you’re going to earn brownie points from mums and dads!

Waiting Made Easy

As a business, you want to do more for the people who come in and out of your venue. Leaving crayons for children to get stuck into when they visit gives you the perfect exposure to parents who may need to remember your name, find you in the future and provide entertainment at the same time.

Reception areas and waiting rooms are torturous for children who aren’t particularly good at waiting around.

Parents and carers rely on colouring and crayons to help their children stay calm and awake - and your business can benefit, too! Parents will always remember the companies that think of their kids, and with branded crayons, you can give that exact impression.

Customisable Options

Every branded crayon with WeBrand4You is customisable to your business, your logo and your brand identity. If your signature colour is bright blue, then every crayon can be wrapped in bright blue! No matter what, we can customise everything from the colours of the paper and the outer

You can also enjoy putting together the personalisation of every crayon in the box.

Pen Pots & Shapes

Stain-free and plastic crayons are always popular for children, as are the individual crayon boxes you could personalise and design for your offer. Every single set of crayons can be made to suit your business, and you can request the crayon numbers that you want from our excellent team.

Marketing is far more fun when it comes to creatively decorated crayons, and when customers have branded crayons to use, there will always be your company name right under their noses no matter what.

Contact WeBrand4You Today

Reaching your target audience with personalised promotional branded crayons is easier than ever before with With WeBrandYou. Our products come in a range of numbers and costs, and all you need to do is choose to put colour back into your branded campaigns.

Contact us today and let us help you paint a rainbow of your name all over town!