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Our Logo Branded corporate cupcakes are so tasty

Imagine being able to deliver freshly baked cupcakes direct to your customers or treating your staff to some fresh cupcakes to enjoy with their cup of tea or coffee. Now imagine that they are logo cupcakes. Your very own branding, or that of your customers, on top of delicious baked, fresh sponge cupcakes. What a novel way to treat your customers or staff. But how can you get your hands on these fresh, branded cakes and what is involved?

Our branded cupcakes come in a selection of sizes and quantities either wrapped individually or presented in a gift box. Order a small selection of 4 or 6 or, for larger businesses, our corporate logo cupcakes are available to order in quantities of 100 or more. Want them to last a little longer, choose our wrapped branded cupcakes and make sure they arrive fresh and full of flavour.

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Different Types of Cupcakes

Choose filled cupcakes or frosted cupcakes and tell us what you would like on the top of them. We can accommodate your chosen company logo and make sure your entire order arrives complete with branded topper.

These freshly baked goods will arrive in cupcake gift boxes making fantastic corporate gifts or enhancing marketing campaigns and giving the office that little bit of a lift on a busy day. A sugar hit after the lunchtime lull or a pick me up in the morning - a great way to introduce a little bit of buzz to the office.

Why Choose  Cupcakes with company logo?

After reading this, the question will be why not choose cakes? Logo cupcakes are a unique and quirky way to celebrate an occasion, launch an event or let customers and staff know that you appreciate them. There are many reasons why you might choose logo cupcakes for your business:

Launching a New Product

What better way to celebrate product launches than with some bubbles and cake, or coffee and cake for those that have work to get on with? The perfect cupcake treat to accompany the staff's morning coffee. If you have a product launch coming up or are opening your doors after a period of closure, celebrate with some corporate branded logo cupcakes.

Celebrating a Milestone

Perhaps your company is a year old or celebrating a particular milestone. Maybe it's a special birthday of someone that works there. Our branded logo cupcakes are ideal for in house celebrations and will ensure that you have a celebration to remember.

Enhancing an Event

Want to entice people to an event stand or give the event something extra? Corporate logo cupcakes will make your company stand out for all the right reasons. Most people love a bit of cake. OK, some people may come over just for the cake, but they could just turn out to be a potential client.

Saying Thanks

Sometimes sending cases of wine too customer can get expensive and it can become a little exclusive. if your client has 100 staff for example, it is going to be tricky to reward them all. You also can't just pop open the wine at your desk.

Maybe you want to say thanks to your team without breaking the bank. Small and quirky, instant gestures like this are the perfect way to reward everyone in a cost effective manner and can be added to your marketing campaign budget!

Introducing Yourself to a Potential Client

Trying to win that big contract and need something to clinch it? Why not send some corporate branded logo cupcakes to make a statement about who you are. They certainly are going to notice your branding on top of every cupcake that arrives.

You can just order them direct from us to be delivered to your client's premises ensuring that they receive freshly baked, corporate cupcakes at the right time. That's a great way to introduce yourself, right?

Just Because

Does there have to be a reason? Want to reward a hard working team and just bring some joy to an otherwise regular day in the office? Cakes are even better when completely unexpected.

Simple Yet Effective

Not everyone drinks wine, but what they will remember are those cute logo cupcakes that they ate. It's such a simple yet effective concept for businesses large and small. Whether you have a team of 6 or 600, you can reward everyone with the same idea and ordering online couldn't be easier.

  • How many cakes do you need?
  • What frosting do you want?
  • Filled or plain?
  • What logo do you want on the top?
  • Do you need a gluten free option?


That's all you need to do. We will do the rest.

Who Will Forget the Custom Printed Cupcakes?

No-one will forget the supplier that sent them a batch of cupcakes. Some businesses even keep a calendar of special events - a CEO's birthday, the anniversary of a company's launch. If you don't have this information already stored then we suggest you get to work and build a calendar of your clients' most memorable dates and then pop an order in for some delicious corporate cupcakes to be delivered on the day. What a nice touch and a great surprise.

Add Printed Promotional Cupcakes to Your Next Order

Placing an order for other goods? If you are having an event, it's not just the cakes that we can provide. In our food range, we also offer branded mints, chocolates, sweets, biscuits and then seasonal goods such as Easter eggs and Advent calendars. For those with a sweet tooth we have much to offer.

We also have an extensive range of other promotional items that are designed to promote your company in clever and quirky ways. From he traditional pens, mugs and other office favourites to more original branded items, we can help you take your marketing to the next level.

Order Today and Get Your Cupcakes Delivered

Our corporate branded cupcakes are available for delivery across the UK and will arrive fresh to your door. All you need to do is tell us what you are looking for and give us your logo specification. Order your logo cupcakes today.