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Promotional Notepads 

Printed notepads are a great way to keep your brand’s name right under the noses of your existing and future customers. A promotional notepad may be best described as a miniature billboard that’s always passively displaying your key marketing message – helping to keep your brand fresh in people’s minds for weeks and months, but in some cases, a lot longer.

Not only are customised notepads very easy and cost-effective to produce, but they can also be printed in a variety of ways to stay faithful to the business logo, colours, branding message and slogan. Add your contact information, photos, taglines and artwork – and you’re effectively creating a quality impression on anyone who glances at your custom company notepad for even a second. Additionally, customised notepads are easy to distribute and very durable as well – making them ideal as giveaways at tradeshows, corporate events, promotional and marketing campaigns, etc

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Why Choose Branded Notepads ?

All in all, brand personalised notepads are a functional method of marketing the business and adds plenty of value for existing customers as well as prospects.

Notepads are an effective marketing medium because just about everyone needs to jot down important notes either at their office desk or in the car – they have proven worth when it comes to exposing your brand in front of your audience all throughout the year.

Custom Notepads to Promote Your Brand

If you haven’t already capitalised on the power and marketing appeal of custom notepads, then perhaps it is time to shift your perspective a little.

Take personalised business notepads, for instance – having your logo right in front of your target audience is a fantastic way to remind them from time to time, the benefits of doing business with you; not only that but personalised notepads for promotion also strengthen ongoing customer loyalty.

At the end of the day, everyone needs notepads

– they make for excellent giveaways, so why not make people sit up and take notice of what you have to offer each and every day?

Our diverse and varied promotional notepad collection is all about practicality and cost-effectiveness, while integrating high-quality materials and clever design which truly speaks volumes about your brand image. From regular paper pads and postie pads to smart pads and pad & pen combos – we have something for every business.

Using notepads to complement a business market strategy is not exactly a brand new concept. However, more businesses are now turning to branded notepads as a way of finding their way into customers’ homes, offices and of course, their hearts. Repetition is one of the fundamentals of successful branding – custom printed notepads with your business logo and brand message provides the perfect opportunity to improve your corporate image and gain widespread popularity.

Why Company Notepads are Exceptional Marketing Tools

One of the best parts about using custom notepads to market your business is that they are extremely easy to use – all you need is a unique design and print, because marketing and/or branding information on notepads are typically kept at a minimum.

All you need is contact details along with a slogan or tagline that describes your company as well as a watermark across the entire notepad or a small logo at the top/bottom. But that’s not to say that you can’t get creative – you can certainly transform one of our branding notepads into a prescription or appointment sheet, or perhaps a checklist for your business. When enough people use your custom notepad on a daily basis, your company might even be indentified from the brand image alone.

A really great notepad design will not only build and improve your brand image but also offer you an edge over your competitors. However, your main goal is to get everyone to take notice when using your notepads – which means using an attention-grabbing design which incorporates catchy colours, unique shapes and a creative theme that summarises what your company is all about.

All the while, you don’t want your notepad to be non-functional, so you might want to weigh the design elements against the available white space carefully – because your design needs to be clean and easy to read, while keeping company colours and branding consistent.

Promote Your Brand with Custom Notepads Today

Custom designed notepads provide extensive ongoing exposure to brands because majority of recipients keep them handy and will use them just about every day. And every time they do, your company name, logo and contact information is proudly displayed. Frankly speaking, there are hardly any types of marketing methods that offer such amazing exposure and potential for brand growth for such a small upfront investment the way brand customised notepads do.

The last time we checked, people still loved receiving freebies! Even though promotional giveaways like business branded notepads are distributed with zero obligation, they still build plenty of goodwill and give people more than a few reasons to do business with you – not to mention the positive impression it leaves on them. So the better they remember you, the more likely they are to do business with you.

This is where our custom made notepads come handy – no matter what your target demographics – we have unique designs and layouts to cater to brands in every sector.

In addition to being such wonderful promotional and brand awareness tools.

custom printed notepads serve plenty of long-term value for your recipients. Almost everyone appreciates an attractive and high-quality paper pad, whether they need it at home, the office or at school. And, in contrast with other promotional items or company apparel, notepads are really simple and ‘low tech’ in nature – giving you lots of long-term brand value for a relatively very low upfront cost.

Browse through our customisable notepad collection today and give your audience an excuse to buy from you.

If you have any questions, cant find what you are looking for or simply need advice then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01257 260372