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Branded Umbrellas 

With all the rain we get in Uk how long will it before your branded umbrella saves the day and then your advertising message is going to pop up in force as the promotional umbrellas your clients and contacts hold start singing in the rain.

It's incredulous. To believe that branded umbrellas would give your business an 83% chance higher of gaining new clients. Looking at the statistics, this is what they prove. Giving Promotional Items to your clients increases your chance of getting new customers by 83%. Statistics also show that a promotional product prompts 85% of your clients to get into business with you and this is why they they are used by top brands 

When wanting to stay in your clients' minds for long, offer them practical solutions, and increase brand awareness, corporate umbrellas with your logo printed are a great option. "It's 2021!" You protest. "Online marketing is the only way to go." The market gurus are saying. But that's not the end of it all. Promotional products are still as vital as they were a decade ago. Clients still appreciate them, and they do leave an impact.

It's a chance for your business to give clients or potential customer a tangible gift that will solidify their trust in your company. What's more, branded brolly will let you do just this. At We Brand 4 You, we have a selection of quality branded umbrellas that your clients would love and appreciate.

When choosing a company to produce your promotional merchandise, you need to look into some crucial aspects that will determine your campaign's effectiveness. Here are the reasons to use printed umbrellas in your campaign.


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A cost-effective promotional strategy to win the love and loyalty of your clients and your clients.

Compared to other promotional products,   quality branded umbrellas last longer, provide more value for your customers, and get used the most.

Take, for example, how valuable  are promotional umbrellas during the rainy season. On average, the UK has 164 rainy days. An increase from 154 rainy days in 2010. A personalised umbrella will be useful on such days, which means more exposure for your brand and a helping hand for your clients.

Compared to other marketing efforts, branded umbrellas are cheaper and have a ripple effect. With a good logo presentation and visible contact addresses, a neighbour or random person in town will have an image of your brand unconsciously on their mind. In most cases, when the need arises, and your business offers a solution for that need, your name will come up first.

When thinking of a promotional product, you need one that showcases your logo and brand artistic work in the right manner. Custom printed umbrellas give you this and much more. Seeing as branded golf umbrellas are large, you get a larger area to present your brand logos, email address and other contacts.

As for prices, our printed umbrella is competitively priced and guaranteed to give you a high ROI compared to other marketing promotions. Our printed umbrella catalogue gives you the cost per unit of the umbrella you need. If you have a larger order, call us, and we will set you up with an account manager to help you navigate the whole process.

Memorable and cost-effective, branded  umbrellas are a great way to showcase your brand and win the loyalty of existing clients.

We offer high-quality products that last for years.

If you are to offer a gift to your clients, stakeholders or employees, you need to give them a quality and memorable gift. For branded umbrellas, we use quality materials that let your brand stand out from the crowd. With state of the art digital printing machinery and a knowledgeable production team, we produce products that your customers will love and those that will serve the purpose and last for years.

Whether you are going for affordable and durable or quality and luxurious, we have something for your particular business. We guarantee quality materials and fast customer support when doing business with us. We want your customers to love and appreciate your promotional umbrella because they are practical and high- quality.

Guided Customer service

Not sure what colours to incorporate, where to place the logo or the design that best suits your company?

No need to worry. We have a whole team at hand to help you navigate these unique challenges. For nine years, we have helped hundreds of other businesses choose the perfect designs and colours. If you are lost on what you need for your business, our reliable customer service representatives will give you a hand at that.

Through a simple email or a phone call, one of our team members will get in touch with you and help you navigate the colours, designs, artwork and delivery. You also get an account manager who solely focuses on your order to ensure that we deliver as you wanted it. There's no need to decide alone. Let us help you choose the best-printed umbrella for your business.

Time is of the essence. We understand you are tight on time, and you want your branded products delivered for setup in readiness for the event. With a huge team working behind the scenes, your products are manufactured fast, with no sacrifice on quality.

We keep deadlines in mind and ensure to get the order to you when you need them, if not earlier. We work together to come up with delivery dates that will be doable for both of us. Contact us today and let's work out a design you will love, colours you would want, and a delivery date that is best for your business.

Do you want a specific colour for the umbrella, your logo positioned in a certain way and do you want your umbrellas printed to one or multiple panels, or your email address appearing on the branded umbrellas ? When working with us, we ensure that we meet all your desired specifications. Every detail is taken into account and transferred onto the umbrella. We listen to your specifications for colours, shapes, size and design, before starting on the production.


What type of printed umbrellas do we offer?

Golf umbrella- Golf umbrellas offer a large canopy to protect your clients on rainy days while giving you a large area to print your logo. They are hard-wearing, practical and can be used outside golf courses.

Branded Golf umbrellas will double up for sporting events, corporate parties and outdoor events. Our golf umbrella, the Wilson Umbrella is ideal for large company umbrellas with logos that do not wrinkle or fade.

Telescopic umbrellas- Telescopic umbrellas are lightweight and easy to carry around  whatever the weather while remaining practical. As it's foldable, it ensures that your clients will always have protection from rain or shine. We have quality, stylish and comfortable telescopic umbrellas that people can easily carry around any time of the day.

Windproof storm umbrellas- Compared to other types, our storm proof umbrellas stay intact, protecting from rain, and wind. They come in two designs, compact which would fit in a handbag, and a large, golf umbrella which would serve two people.

Made from quality canopy materials and matching with your brand colours, they are a great way to promote your business even in gloomy weather. 


Where do you offer promotional umbrellas to your clients?

Corporate events- Promotional umbrellas can still provide much value to your employees and other stakeholders. A corporate event is an ideal place to hand out promo gifts to stakeholders.

Online giveaways- While traditionally, businesses gave promotional products on a physical basis, times have changed, and more people are now involved online, promotional merchandise is an ideal choice to get a new client base or remain relevant to existing customers. You could have the giveaway through a contest and mail out the gifts to winners. Your customers are happy, and you get new clients for your business.

Trade Fairs- This is another profitable opportunity to give your customers- potential and existing gifts. With the many competitors displaying their goods, it's hard to stay visible and memorable. But, if you give a potential client a gift, they are more likely to remember your name, and the products or services you provide. More people are likely to buy from a brand they can remember. A branded umbrella is an item most people use often. So yes, you will remain in the minds of people more often than not.

After a business transaction- We as human beings like to be appreciated. To be remembered and thought special. This is exactly how your client would feel after receiving a practical gift from you. It shows you care, value doing business with them and that you want to build a mutual relationship. Have you been wondering when to give out your brand umbrellas? Try giving them to customers who have bought a product or service from you.

Available  printed umbrella branding options

There are a few alternatives to select from in regards to where your brand message will appear. Here are the customisation options we have:

  • Canopy
  • Handle
  • Ribs and shaft brand colours
  • Tie wrap
  • Sleeve
  • Printing- full canopy and partial printing as well as the inside.


Do you have a unique printing option that's not listed? Let us know, and we will accommodate your preferences into the design.

What to contemplate before placing an order for promotional umbrellas

Type of umbrella

The type you choose will depend on a couple of factors. You'll need to access the geographic location of the client, lifestyle and needs. Example: A compact umbrella is better for a busy, city commuting professional, while a golf umbrella will suit an outdoorsy, and sportsperson.

The colours

Colours are more than just shades and hues. They are a visual representation of your business and its people. Having brand colours for the promotional umbrella is better than choosing random colours. Brand- custom colours reinforce the design and your business brand. However, ensure to keep the receiver in mind. Some people prefer a subtle full colour, while others would not mind playful and bright colours. You know your customers best. Choose colours that they would not mind carrying around.

The details that go on the umbrella

Do you prefer a simple logo alone, or the logo, contact details and probably a slogan line? You'll want to decide about this before placing an order. If you aren't sure about what to put, consult with us, and our team will guide you on what to put.

Event for promotional giveaway

The location that you give out promotional umbrellas matters if you want to get maximum exposure for your business. Small compact umbrellas may be frowned upon when given in a golf course event. On the other hand, compact umbrellas provided in a trade fair would make a lot of sense to your clients and business. Let us know where you plan to hand out the umbrellas, and we will produce a design that's suitable for the occasion.

How to order  umbrellas ?

Making purchases for your branded umbrellas is now more straightforward with our quick to browse catalogue. The work you have to do is to find a design that would suit your brand, add it to the cart and check out.

Or, you could opt to fill a simple form and receive a quick quote on your order. It's simple, and it gives you the information you require to plan the budget. If you need help purchasing a more specific promotional umbrella, call the number on our site, and our customer team will help you through the process.

Branded umbrellas are a simple way to gain the loyalty of your consumers, win new clients and offer a solution for all weather conditions.

For a custom umbrella with a company name, logo and many more, call us today. In no time, we will get started on your next promotional campaign.

If you need help you can call us on 01257 260372 and we will  happily help you