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Branded ice scrapers

When you are considering buying promotional gifts to hand out to your existing and potential customers, it’s incredibly important to choose something that will add value to their lives and make them easier. The promotional ice scraper certainly fits these criteria. Ice scrapers enable your customers to de-ice their vehicles quickly and get to where they’re going, whether they’re heading out for work or leisure.

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Why Use Branded Ice Scrapers

Ice scrapers are used frequently during the colder months of the year, and your customers will see your logo and other forms of branding each time they use their scraper. This means you can remain a constant presence in their lives. Ice scrapers are heavily associated with practicality and efficiency, which are two attributes many customers wish to be linked to. Your ice scrapers don’t need to cost the earth but they can offer a substantial return on investment.

Choose from a host of designs

There are all sorts of designs, sizes and styles to choose from when it comes to promotional ice scrapers. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have more to spend, options are available. Promotional items such as ice scrapers can act as a business card, so don’t forget to ask to have your contact details printed on to them. Promotional ice scrapers are an ideal choice if you require marketing solutions for motoring companies, dealerships and garages, yet they are a suitable match for companies from all sorts of industries.

Win new customers

Most people like receiving things for free, especially items that they can make use of. Even if a customer already has their own ice scraper, they may well use yours as a back-up or pass it to a friend or a family member. Promotional gifts can help you win over new customers and retain existing ones and can help you boost brand loyalty considerably.

A versatile option

There are all sorts of things you can do with your promotional ice scrapers. You can give them away as freebies to reward purchases, hand them out on your premises, send them through the post and give them away alongside materials such brochures and leaflets. Autumn and winter are the ideal points to hand out promotional ice scrapers to your customers. Many companies opt for festive themes to capitalise on the season of goodwill.

Keep your customer safe

Ice scrapers are also used by charities and government authorities to keep people safe whilst out on the roads. You could hand promotional ice scrapers to your employees for similar reasons and to reward their hard work and can also distribute them at trade shows and exhibitions. Many companies do opt to hand out free gifts at such events, but ice scrapers aren’t given away as frequently as other items. This means the promotional ice scraper really can help you stand out from the competition and win the attention of potential clients and customers.

Hand out multiple scrapers

It’s not uncommon for companies and organisations to hand out more than one promotional scraper per recipient so they can pass them onto their friends and families. Ice scrapers really aren’t expensive items, so many companies can afford to do this. The more scrapers you hand out, the more exposure you can create for your business, products and services.

The effectiveness of promotional gifts

There are all sorts of choices available to you when it comes to promotional products. If promotional products weren’t so effective at driving sales, they wouldn’t be used by some of the biggest companies in the world. If you don’t have the vast advertising budget needed to showcase your services on TV and radio or in newspapers and magazines, promotional products can be the key to creating a buzz around your company.

Choose the right supplier

It’s important to choose a reputable company that can supply you with high-quality products when you do wish to purchase promotional items. If your promotional products aren’t up to scratch, they could break easily, harming your reputation rather than enhancing it. Buy quality scrapers and you could stay in your customers’ thoughts for long periods each year.

A host of options

Examples of promotional ice scrapers currently available on the market include everything from LED scrapers and credit card scrapers to scrapers in gloves and much more. In fact, you may well be amazed to witness the vast wealth of options available to you.

A reliable promotional products supplier will work with you to help you find the most suitable options for your needs, including the ones most suited to your branding and company ethos. Promotional ice scrapers really can show your customers you care about their welfare and wish to add value to their lives, so it really is worth making a purchase if you have been exploring the world of branded gifts.