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Artwork Guidelines & Advice

Artwork Guidelines for Printing Promotional Products

Your Company Logo or Artwork is best supplied to us in EPS (Electronic Post script File) This is the file format for artwork created in a vector-based program. Vectored describes the process of creating paths and points in a program such as freehand or illustrator. The program keeps track of the relationships between these points and paths so that when the image is scaled for different print areas or curved surfaces, the paths are regenerated. These are the best file types to use as they reproduce the most accurately.

If you have a PDF of your logo or artwork then sometimes this can be used but it all depends on if the artwork is a vector Image. Sometimes it is necessary to re draw your artwork especially if it is supplied in a low quality Jpeg image (Photograph)

Please forward your artwork as early as possible so that we can advise you on the best way that you logo can be presented on your chosen promotional item. When you contact us one of our trained account managers will be able to advise you on the best method that can be used to print your logo and message and They will advise one of the following technologies that are available to us:

We will always do our best to work with the artwork that you have available and will advise you if it needs redrawing and will let you know the cost upfront of any work that needs carrying out on your logo.