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Our Range of Promotional Teddy Bears

As a corporate entity, charities or schools you need to be able to appeal to people of all ages and genders. Promotional teddy bears can help you do just that and with their universal appeal and positive image, you could supercharge your business project and promote your brand in new ways. Our extensive Range of branded teddy bears can be printed or embroidered with your company logo.


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Custom Printed Teddy Bears

One of the key reasons that businesses invest in custom Printed Teddy bears as promotional gifts is cuddly branded teddy Bears with a full colour t-shirt create visibility of their company contact details when their service is needed. Furthermore, the strength of existing relationships with clients is increased by providing a soft toy to be appreciated by the younger members of the family. This then allows for the business name to remain in the household.

Promotional teddy bears offer a great deal of utility, especially for parents who might need something to entertain their children. Kids can carry teddy bears around with them and get years of use out of them as soft toys.

Recent research found a third of British adults still sleep with a soft toy at night- so whilst a personalised teddy might seem like the product for a younger audience they can actually appeal to older customers as well.

They’re also great for corporate presentation. Teddies with full colour personalised t shirts alongside balloons are the perfect complement to parties, trade shows, events, and charity fundraisers and evocative of fun, excitement and high-spirits, helping to influence the mood at any gathering and get your target audience more engaged in what you’re doing.

 Remember when you give your customers promotional products there’s a good chance that they will take them around with them if they have children. As they carry the teddy bear around, other people will see your logo and marketing message, helping to create familiarity and increase the likelihood that people will decide to buy from you.

Remember, people tend to trust what they know and shun what they don’t. So, if you can associate your brand with the friendly image of a teddy bear, you stand a much better chance of reaching people you wouldn’t ordinarily come into contact with

How did the first Promotional Teddy Bear get Its name?

The first teddy bear got its name when in 1902, Theodore Roosevelt, who at the time was the President of the United States, refused to shoot a bear when invited on a hunting trip. The story goes that Roosevelt was invited by the Mississippi Governor named Andrew H. Longino. Three days into their hunting trip, Roosevelt still had not spotted a bear. Subsequently, some of the hunt guides had found a mature black bear that had been injured by the dogs.

The bear was then tied to a tree and Theodore Roosevelt was called to the scene. The guides had told The President that it should be he who shoots the

bear. After taking one look at the animal, the President decided that it would be unjust to kill the bear and refused to do so. The news of this story quickly spread and was soon in newspapers across the states. A political cartoonist named Clifford Berryman got wind of the tale and drew a picture revealing Theodore Roosevelt with his back turned to the guide who had tied up the bear for him.

In the original cartoon created by Clifford Berryman, the guide and bear are both of similar size. However, as more and more cartoons were recreated of the scenario the bears became smaller and looked afraid, bringing about the character of the first teddy bear. The origin of the Teddy Bear connection was made in Brooklyn, New York when a sweets shop owner who went by the name of Morris Mitchom had noticed the original drawing of Roosevelt and the bear by Clifford Berryman and had a lightbulb moment. Mitchoms bright spark led to two stuffed Custom Toy Teddy Bears being placed in his shop window.

He had asked for permission from the President to name these toys “Teddy Bears”. The first ever Personalised Teddy Bear and stuffed animals became so popular that Mitchom started to manufacture them on a very large commercial scale and the world still continues to this day, the trend of Teddy bears has still not died out, only increased in popularity.

Who would Look To Use Teddy Bears as Promotional Gifts?

Brands and Business who are looking to improve their brand visibility by choosing to give out Printed Teddy Bears to their clients or prospects.

Schools looking to gift bears to their students as a memento of their time with the school or to raise additional funds.

Nurseries or Playgroups are also likely to give away bears to their children as a token of affection or as a leaving gift

Sports clubs looking to raise additional funds for the club and provide a Custom Club mascot in the form of a Promotional Teddy Bear or Printed Stuffed Animals.

Youth groups may use personalized teddy bears as rewards or incentives for their children. Furthermore, these can also be used as memorabilia.

Charities looking to resell to their patrons and increase the available revenue for their charity causes.

Leisure and Hospitality Venues, with active gift shops, are able to generate more turnover by retailing soft toys to their visitors.


With a branded teddy bear you can promote a new product in the winter to tie in with the Holidays or incorporate into practically any other event giveaway around the year. personalised teddy T shirts Teddies are physically large and yet cost-effective promotional products with have a great branding area. and can be printed in full colour.

Customers often believe that they are getting something of great value, even if the actual cost to your organisation is small.

Smart organisations realise the importance of emotional appeal in branded products, and our promotional teddy provides just that.

With their cute faces and unassuming appearance, people cannot help but be attracted to them. As a marketing tool, they offer your business or charity everything you could need. Customers will keep gifted personalised teddy bears for years, drawing attention to your branding wherever they go.

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