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Promotional Teddy Bears

As a corporate entity or charity, you need to be able to appeal to people of all ages and genders. Branded teddy bears can help you do just that. With their universal appeal and positive image, you could supercharge your business project and promote your brand in new ways.

Why Choose Branded teddy Bears ?? 

Promotional teddy bears offer a great deal of utility, especially for parents who might need something to entertain their children. Children can carry bears around with them and get years of use out of them as toys.

They’re also great for corporate presentation. Teddies alongside balloons are the perfect complement to parties, trade shows, events, and charity fundraisers. Teddy bears are evocative of fun, excitement and high-spirits, helping to influence the mood at any gathering and get your target audience more engaged in what you’re doing.

 Remember when you give your customers logo branded bears, there’s a good chance that they will take them around with them if they have children. As they carry the bears around, other people will see your logo, helping to build familiarity and increase the likelihood that people will decide to buy from you. Remember, people tend to trust what they know and shun what they don’t. So, if you can associate your brand with the friendly image of a teddy bear, you stand a much better chance of reaching people you wouldn’t ordinarily come into contact with.


Our promotional bears come in all different sizes and designs.

We sell regular teddy bears - classic brown bears, complete with their own branded t-shirts - as well as novelty cuddly toys, like our jolly cow. Don’t like bears? How about a plush lion, complete with t-shirt?

Teddy bears have an intrinsic appeal that comes from childhood. When people see bears, they immediately feel attracted to them, without knowing why. Bears have a positive image in our culture, making them the ideal vessel through which to promote your brand. Order in both low and high quantities, bears give your audiences, (especially ones with children), a reason to feel thankful for your company and get interested in what you do.

 Teddy bears also evoke comedy, thanks to their gentle, unassuming appearance. You can make your customers laugh with our goodnight brown bear or our doc teddy bear, complete with face mask and operating theatre hat.

Teddy bears are ideal for seasonal marketing campaigns too.

With teddies, you can promote a new product in the winter to tie in with the Holidays or incorporate into practically any other event around the year. Teddies are physically large and yet cost-effective. Customers often believe that they are getting something of great value, even if the actual cost to your organisation is small.

Smart organisations realise the importance of emotional appeal in promotions, and our promotional teddy bears provide just that.

With their cute faces and unassuming appearance, people cannot help but be attracted to them. As a marketing tool, they offer your business or charity everything you could need. Customers will keep gifted teddy bears for years, drawing attention to your branding wherever they go.