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Branded Frisbees

For any company serious about expanding their name and their brand reach, the best thing that you can do is invest in ‘out-there’ marketing. For example, how often can you quite literally say that your name is being thrown around the place? With promotional frisbees, that can become pretty easy indeed!

A promotional frisbee might sound like a comical novelty, but they make excellent marketing tools to throw around and see results from. The frisbee is a comical choice of item to have out there, but they could be handed out to anything from sports facilities to local parks to give people easy access to cool toys to play with. And everyone who then uses one of your promo frisbees will remember the name of your company. That’s indirect marketing in action. By planting a small seed in their minds, you make it much easier for the person to accept your company when they finally come to shop with you.


That’s why promotional frisbees are among the most enjoyable items that you could pick up at this moment in time. They are an intelligent novelty that, when used correctly, could be the perfect choice for making a positive impression that sticks in the mind.

Whether you go for something simple and in a solid colour or you go for a folding frisbee that can be put away, you have so many options to pick from. The main thing you need to do is work out what part of your audience would use a frisbee the most!

Promotional frisbees – excellent for improving your brand reach

A promo item like a frisbee might seem suited to only certain kinds of companies, like sportswear manufacturers or companies looking to work in the fitness niche. However, just about any company could benefit from having some promo frisbees out there on the shelves of your stores and in local parks.

Why? • Frisbees are something everyone can enjoy, creating more universal brand reach.

• You’ll find that many children pass on the name of your company to their parents.

• This helps to boost your reach whilst making a positive first impression on buyers.

• You make an immediate commitment to helping people stay fit and to have some fun.

• Giving something away for nothing is always a good idea; frisbees make fine freebies.

When used in conjunction with other marketing plans that you might have, you could just find that having a free freebies frisbees to pick up around local areas would make a lot of sense. They could even be given away with orders, giving the recipient a cool and fun little freebie to play around with that they will enjoy owning.

From a purely marketing perspective, a promotional frisbee will quite literally get your name flying around the place. It will look good, it will feel good, and it will give you all the help that you need to change up how you market yourself. For something that your competition have probably ignored, take a look at some promotional frisbees!

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