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Branded Clocks

Have you ever been to a bank and grabbed a pen from one of the cups located on the counters or gone home with a drawstring bag that you took from a 5K? If you have, then it means that you have come face to face with a promotional product. Promotional clocks or printed clocks also fall into this category of company giveaways.

You may not realize it, but promotional items are very much part of your day-to-day life. A promotional clock may appear like a small and mundane item, but its power should never be underestimated. Today, promotional giveaways have become an affordable and much sought after advertising strategy all over the globe.

The good news is that the products are appreciated by each and every person who comes into contact with them. After all, who wouldn’t like to get their hands on a free clock?

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How to Use Promotional Clocks

Printing your message or logo on a branded clock helps to send a message to the public. The clock becomes a billboard once it’s hung on an office wall or even in a residence. Customers visiting an office may make inquiries on what has been printed on the clocks. Such moments help showcase instances when a promo item can help to bring the business brand to the forefront of an individual’s mind.

And remember, the person who has received that clock is likely to hang onto it for as long as they can. In some cases, this may be a few years. Statistics indicate that individuals are likely hold on to promotional products for around 6.6 months. They may then opt to pass these items to others when they no longer find them beneficial, or if they outgrow their usefulness.

So how can you use printed clocks?


To Promote the Brand at Trade Events

 As a professional looking for ways to spread word about your brand, you shouldn’t just show up at a trade event or exhibition with the same items as your competitors. At some point, it becomes boring for you to stand handing out business cards and brochures with your company details. You have to start thinking outside the box.

Potential clients visiting your company booth will automatically start to scratch their heads if they visit your booth and notice that you have nothing to handout. In the intervening time, your competition will be having the time of their lives handing out promotional clocks to the crowds thronging their booths/stands.

When you compare promotional items to other popular types of advertising, you will find that these items can help the business build loyalty and gain an impression. For your trade event to be labeled a success, you have no option but to come armed with unique promo items. It’s the surest way to turn the booth attendees into tomorrow’s clients.

In reality, around 85% of trade show attendees have gone on to do business with an organisation that gave them a promo item.


Community Awareness

Schools, sports teams, and churches can also use promos when organizing events such as fundraisers. Any individual who wears their watch or carries a tote bag with the company’s logo and a message is assisting them to show support and spirit. These are items that communicate to the society and world at large that one is a proud member of a given community.

Ensure you get to carry a handful of promotional items when attending your next community art festival or village picnic. The best way to remind people of the memories they made at such events is by giving them a souvenir. It’s what will make them want to come back to future events as well as continue working with your company.

If you make a good impression, they can also recommend your company products and services to their friends and family.


Cheap Marketing for Non-Profits

Do you have a cause that you want to support, but don’t have enough funds to splash on marketing and advertising campaigns? Why not consider using promotional clocks? In addition, social media posts and newspaper ads will not make it easier for the company to create a community of supporters.

 It’s the reason why non-profits should consider investing in promotional clocks. According to statistics published by the Promotional Products Association International, one of the largest purchasers of promotional goods happens to be non-profits. These items are not only cheap, but they are also quite affordable.

Handing out promotional clocks not only helps you raise awareness, but you also get to form a bond with all your gift recipients.

Giveaways for Life-Changing Events

As a child, the best part about attending a birthday party was getting to leave with a goodie bag. This also applies to events you attend when you are a grownup, e.g., family reunions, baby showers, and weddings. It’s possible to make each event special by handing out a custom item for each person attending the event.

Employee Gifts

The top performers in your company deserve to receive something special as a reward for all the hard work that they have put into their work in the past year. Handing out a printed clock is a good way to show your employees that their efforts don’t go unnoticed and that the work they’re doing is indeed important.

It’s a principle that also applies to birthdays, holiday gifts, and company milestones. While a clock may seem like a simple gift, the reality is that there are different designs and styles to choose from. Don’t let your imagination limit you when it comes to gifting your employees.

Advantages of Using Promotional Clocks in 2020

Whether it’s a free clock, cap, or flash drive, any item that has the business name or logo printed on it can assist to generate leads and increase brand awareness. Custom promotional items serve as an important marketing and advertising tool that repeatedly provides your business with exposure at minimal costs.

The main purpose of using a promotional item is to build brand appeal as well as attract new clients. No person is ever ungrateful for receiving a free item. Many people will also appreciate items such as printed clocks, which are not only useful but can also add some significance to their lives.

 Also, many people would rather hand down these items to people in their lives rather than throw them in the trash cans. Promotional products work well for both startups and existing companies. The benefits of using these items include:


Promotional Clocks Are Affordable

 Promotional items are far cheaper than other types of advertising. In addition to being cheap, the items will also give you a good return for the money spent on their acquisition. It’s common for manufacturers to price promo items lowly to facilitate mass distribution. But as cheap as they may be, they do have a big impact on the minds of their recipients.

 A large percentage of the consumers will take these clocks home and continue to use them for up to six months. Instead of throwing them away, they will pass them on to another person in their lives. In the long run, this helps to reduce the overall cost for each impression.

Did you know that branded promo items are 66% more cost-efficient for each impression compared to the normal type of marketing, e.g., magazine advertisements, TV advertisements, and newspaper ads?


Brand Recognition

 Each business is always looking for ways to create a strong reputation for itself, as well as a way for it to get out under the shadow of its competition. The technique will enable the company to imprint its logo on a clock that a customer will use on a daily basis. Because the clock will remain at home, on the office wall, or on the cars’ dashboard for several months, the client will continuously be reminded of your brand.

 This means that the next time they need a particular service or product, the first business name to pop up into their minds will be that of your company. When your company names appear on a clock that the client uses daily, it helps to reinforce your marketing message, without having to get on the clients’ nerves.

 Around 25% of clients proclaim that the impression they have of a given company becomes more favorable when they are gifted with a promotional item. In addition, six out of every ten customers who receive a promo item will keep the item with them for up to twenty-four months, more so if the item has proved to be useful.

Customer Loyalty

The use of promotional clocks and other items assists in enhancing customer loyalty to your brand as well as in improving the customer retention rate. A good way to make an impression and a significant impact on the mind of your target audience is to ensure that you do not just hand out clocks for the sake of it.

Take your time to plan and think about each clock that will be handed out. As mentioned earlier, clients like to receive gifts. Whenever a client receives a promotional clock, they are incentivized to want to give back to the company by using its services or purchasing its products.


Leads and Sales

Promotional clocks can act as good lead generators that assist you to increase your monthly and annual sales. It will act in the same manner as a business card would, but with better results, as this is something that your customer will get to see each day. A business card will either end up in a wallet or in a drawer increasing its chances of being forgotten.

 Do you know that up to 83% of American clients like to receive promotional items bearing an advertising/marketing message on the item? Additionally, 89% of clients who were gifted promotional clocks and other similar promo items between 2017 and 2019 were able to remember the company’s name.

A properly branded item can be used as a referral incentive. You can use this to guide clients to your websites’ landing page, a tactic that will assist in increasing your sales conversions through the use of CTAs.

You need to have a good understanding of the benefits offered by promotional items for you to successfully implement them in your company’s marketing and advertising campaigns. It’s recommended that the brand takes its time to study its clients before settling on promotional items.


Size is an important factor as it will affect its readability. The size of the clock will often be influenced by the size of the room where it will be placed. If you have a large room, then you should ensure that you invest in a big-sized watch. Always go for a contemporary clock that will not prove difficult to read even when a person is standing a substantial distance away from it.


In the case of promotional clocks, this is a gift that will in no doubt help to raise the value of the brand and be able to benefit the customers on a daily basis. Put some thought into the selection process to leave a lasting impression.