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Huge range of Printed Badges 

When looking for promotional products that are fun and different, you need to think outside the box. Promotional badges branded with your business message are a trendy accessory these days and if you have your logo or slogan across one - with a splash of colour - you're going to really impress people. Badges are cheap, they're portable, and they make for excellent accessories for customers and colleagues alike

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Why use Promotional Badges ?

They stand out for being different compared to other promotional products, and they are one of the classics in advertising. You get the chance to raise a smile, especially if your use pin or button badges to promote things to children. The best bit? They're so easy to design and make given their size, and you can bulk buy them without too much of a dent in your marketing budget.

A Brand Statement Pinned To You!

Promotional items are supposed to gain a lot of attention, and bright, whimsical colours with your logo or brand name across them are going to increase the attention that you hope to get. You want your business on the map, and promotional badges made from metal, full colour printed and adorned with your name is going to get your business recognised. You can order them today in truly unique designs, and the possibilities are endless!

Printed badges can be used in charity events, corporate events, identification, in retail to promote items and they can even be used in schools for prefect badges; seriously, endless choices! High-quality, stylish and unique, branded badges can capture the eye, and for some, they can add to a collection of badges! With a three to five day turnaround, you can have your promotional badges ready for an event quite quickly. They draw the eye straight away, and you can be recognised wherever your badges are pinned.

Your employees and customers alike will be excited about new promotional badges, and they promote the identification of your business.

As these products are a skillful way to present your brand to the world, you can attract your target audience far quicker than you imagine.

Branded products like this can be combined with a myriad of other promotional items, and at We Brand 4 You we have a massive list of promotional products that you could also invest in for your marketing strategy.


Promotional Badge Benefits

 There are so many benefits to choosing printed badges as promotional items for your business including;

  • Badges are compact and portable; you can order them for exhibitions and giveaways, and they don't take up too much space in the office.
  • They're lightweight; if you're posting out promotional packs for your business, they can be included without breaking the bank on postage.
  • Printed badges are universal for all events and ages of customers. They can be added to business uniforms in retail settings as well as on the lapels of your office staff as part of their dress.
  • Badges are a trendy fashion accessory, and you could be a trendsetter in your business industry. How good could that be?!
  • Printed badges can be collectibles for some, and your badge and brand will be in the faces of those who keep them. When they need your service, your name is there!
  • Badges are waterproof, so outdoor events are the perfect stage for your branded items.
  • They come in a variety of colours and sizes, so you get a great choice ahead of you, and you can have a useful communication tool that you can use to carry your brand message.

 Exposure for your business is essential, and as a public brand statement, you could use printed badges to strengthen your brand and your business. Use loud colours, and you're going to draw the eye wherever you go with your promotional badges. It's not just pin and button badges with We Brand 4 You, we've got a variety of items you can buy to support your badges with, so take a look today and see how you can change up your marketing campaign.

Why Choose Us

At We Brand 4 You, we specialise in branded items for your business with more than 20,000 choices in items and gifts for you and your colleagues to choose from - and you can choose anything that will suit your business. Printed badges with your brand are unique, and they can be used for any and every occasion. Give us a call today, and one of our team can help you to put together the most eye-catching, stunning printed badges possible for your business.

We also continually check our products prices against all the leading suppliers of promotional badges to make sure that you always receive the best possible prices.

Unlike our competitors the prices displayed on our website are fully inclusive and have no hidden extras such as origination / setup or carriage for all our printed badges

Promote your business today through our printed promotional badges

If you have any questions, cant find what you are looking for or simply need help or advice then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01257 260372

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