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Promotional Clothing with your Company Logo 

Our range of promotional clothing is fully brandable, and includes hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, polos, shirts, t-shirts, and workwear. Whether for your employees to wear as part of their on-brand day to day uniform, or as a one-off for a special event, our branded clothing can meet your needs. All products are available with versatile options for colours, sizes, and styles, with there being something suitable for almost every requirement.

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3 Things to Consider Before Buying Promotional Clothing for Staff!

There’s no doubting that promotional clothing can not only work wonders for you brand image, but for the employees who wear it. However, it’s not enough to pick any old t-shirt, chuck on a logo and be done with it. Wearing you brand is essentially a skilled art, and like any piece of artwork there are a number of factors to consider before starting.

This page will identify some of these factors to consider, in order to get your staff wearing and maximising your brand to its full potential.


Yes, you’ve guessed it. Style. Although this seems like an obvious choice and one that seems to re occur if you’ve read some of our other blog articles, the style of the garment/s you choose really is, so important. You want to pick a style that will be Universally appealing to those who are wearing it. You need to remember that not everyone is build the same- we’re not all the same, size, height and so forth, therefore choosing a skin tight, lycra t-shirt is not going to be a comfortable option for everyone.

For example, the last thing you want to do would be to force your employees into wearing a Uniform they were not comfortable in. You want your employees to be proud to wear and promote your company, not feel embarrassed. So pick styles which will suit all body heights and shapes- looser t-shirts, fleeces or polo shirts are ideal choices because they are comfortable and lightweight.


You must consider what the employees’ role is within the company and what exactly their job entails. If they are working in the warehouse, doing heavy lifting of boxes and so forth a branded fleece will be ideal for keeping them warm on the colder days. Whereas if they are working in the reception area, a branded shirt is more appropriate to their surroundings. If you are a large company, who will need to supply uniform to different departments, whilst you can vary the offerings (i.e. fleeces and t-shirts) it is of vital importance to keep the colours the same- different colours may leave people thinking you’re not the same company.

It’s also of vital importance to ensure that the logo is visibly displayed on the garments. There is no point investing in branded clothing, to have a tiny, barely visible logo on display. When your staff leave at the end of the day this will not catch anybody’s eye, whereas a bold and clear logo will.


It is important to keep a close eye on the level of staff morale in the company. Dispatching a uniform to a bunch of unhappy employees could backfire on your company. For example, an already disgruntled employee leaves at the end of a terrible day to do the food shopping. They bump into a couple of friends they know on the way, who ask them what’s wrong. “I had a terrible day at work” “I hate working for ‘X’” “the place is a joke”.

Think about how many people have complained to you about hating their job, or a particularly bad day at work. What were they wearing? If they were wearing a branded piece of clothing, with a company logo- you’re not going to be particularly enthusiastic to approach that company for business. This is why it is extremely important to pay attention to HR within the work environment. Hold regular staff meetings to keep them informed of changes, give feedback, give them the opportunity to raise any problems, give them praise when appropriate and constructive criticism when something hasn’t gone quite to plan.

By treating staff well and ensuring morale is high, they are far more likely to praise you to friends and family. They’ll also look happier too. I know whenever I see a happy employee or receive great customer service it makes me want to re-visit.


So remember, if you’re going to invest in promotional clothing- don’t just dive in without thought. Consider carefully the style of the garments you’re going to choose- are they universally suitable? Ensure that the garment suits the role of the job- shirts and ties are not suitable if you are working in a warehouse. HR matters! Take time to give them the appropriate training for the job and have a solid appraisal process in place. If you invest in your employees, they will invest in your brand!