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Promotional Pen Sets 

One of the best promotional products that you can invest in for your business are custom printed pen sets as they are a practical gift that makes the right impression. Every single person in the business world needs pens, despite the technological takeover. We all carry digital tablets, smartphones and we use computers, but we do still use pens every single day ?

By investing in branded pen sets for your target audience, you're going to put your company logo in their faces every single day - and they're not even going to realise it.

The marketing is so clever here, because people discard their pens in handbags and briefcases, desk drawers and pen pots, and yet because they're branded people will subconsciously notice your brand name

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Why Choose Branded Pen Sets ? 

Practical, Easy & Smart
printed pen sets almost always have different kinds of branded pens, whether ballpoint pens or fountain pens and often have a mechanical pencil as an accompaniment. If this is paired with a branded notepad, you're going to have the excellent promotional gift for your customers! Pens are portable, practical and easy gifts to give because everyone uses them!

With promotional pen sets from We Brand 4 You, you're going to be able to equip your customers and business partners with your name. They're going to need your service at some point, and your name is going to be right there to remind them that you are fantastic at what you do!

At We Brand 4 you, we offer promotional pen sets and these work as promotional items throughout the year, as freebies at events and exhibitions and as gifts in swag bags. It's a smart move to use branded pen sets because while they are a common gift, there is a good reason for it. If you understand how important the promotional pen is for your customers, then you will have a really successful marketing campaign ahead of you.

There's always plenty of space on these promotional pen sets for your brand, your logo and contact details. You can have your pens in a variety of colours allowing you to target your customers in the right way. Not only are the branded pen sets at We Brand 4 You premium, beautifully crafted and well designed, but they're also going to help your bottom line and give your customers a branded gift to remember.

What are the Benefits of Logo Branded Pen Sets ?

There are so many benefits to choosing branded pen sets as promotional merchandise for your business including;

●       Promotional pen sets are rare: no one else has your brand or colour scheme or tag line, and you can run with that. No one else out there is you, and this is your most significant unique selling     point!

●       Pen sets are practical gifts, and you know that your clients and customers are going to get some use out of it. The fact that these promotional pen sets will be used daily increases your brand awareness for even those who aren't the owners of your pens!

●       Given their size, they can be handed out at open days, exhibitions, at the front desk of your office and even on the go when you're on business trips.

●       A gift set is more than just a free pen that gets left behind; it's more personal to the recipient, and in business, it's an excellent gift to offer.

Promotional products are always going to be one of the biggest players in the brand recognition game. They do so much more than look pretty on a desk somewhere, and they will generate more sales for your business and more profit overall. Branded gifts are popular, and there is a reason for that: they're free!

 If people can see you've gone one better than pens and invested in promotional pen sets, then you're going to show people that you do care about their thinking about you. Your business needs exposure, and you need to embrace it where you can!

Contact us  today and our friendly team can talk you through your options and help you to get your business on the map with your clients. Scribble down our number today and don't miss out - 01257 260 372!