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 The endless possibilities with promotional bags

 Where do you start when it comes to the promotional bag? Whether it’s bags for packaging your customers purchases in  promotional products that you give as a reward or an incentive, there are so many possibilities when it comes to promotional bags. We take a look at why this item is a serious contender when it comes to selecting merchandise for your business.


Environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions

 With the recent introduction of a levy on carrier bags and peoples increased awareness and desire to be environmentally conscientious, it is good to have a handy shopping bag to fold up, pop in your handbag and take it with you for those planned or spontaneous shopping trips. If, as a business, you want a more recyclable solution than the carrier bag then why not choose a handy paper bag to pop peoples’ purchases in? Not only does a paper branded bag add a certain quality to your product, it also reduces your carbon footprint and means that your brand won’t end up littering the side of a road for all to see and shake their head at.


So many uses, so many themes

 When you think of a branded bag, you may call a carrier bag to mind first. The likes of Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco and all the other bags that you have come to know and instantly recognise. But that’s not where it ends, in fact there are so many options that you may not even be aware of all of them:  


  • Reusable material shopping bags and handy foldable shopper bags
  • Paper shopping bags as an alternative to carrier bags
  • The wellie boot bag or the boot tidy for keeping the car clean and stop things for rolling around
  • The carry caddy for making life a bit easier
  • The beach bag because everyone needs that bag for their holiday summer holiday
  • Grocery baskets and bags and trolley shopping bags


Then there are other factors to consider such as the size of the bag, the size of the handles, the style, the branding, the colour you choose and the material, not to mention the cost per unit and how much you want to spend. While it may seem like a lot of factors to think about, it can also be a lot of fun for you and your team.


Think of the audience that you can reach

A bag is a walking advertisement for the business who is lucky enough to have their branding all over it. You walk out of a shop and you carry on with your shopping while everyone else around you can see where you have bought your products from. Perhaps you have gifted promotional shopping bags as a reward or incentive and they are going to be seen at checkouts in local supermarkets up and down the country. If someone is carry around your shopping bag then they are literally carrying around an advert for your business and one that will be seen time and time again.


It’s important to get the message right

 When you have a product that is in close focus like a mug or a pen then it is easy to know what to include – the website or telephone number is easily accessible. If you are considering your branding or message for a bag however you are going to need to think a little differently. The message is likely to be visible at a difference so you need to ensure that you are clever with your colours, the use of your logo and keep detail and fuss to a minimum. Perhaps you have a company slogan that you can include or maybe a colour that people associate your business with. Give some thought to this as you want to maximise on the exposure that this sort of product will offer you.


How will you use your promotional bags?

 There are some products that are much cheaper than others to give away so you need to carefully select who will receive your promotional bags to. While you may be able to afford to give everyone that walks through your door a pen, when it comes to a promotional bag, the costs are obviously more per head. Perhaps you want to use them to get a foot in the door with potential customers and give them as a gift with other goodies inside. That said, don’t neglect your existing customers whose loyalty that you might wish to reward. Perhaps you are going to be exhibiting at an event and you want to offer everyone a goody bag. While it is nice to be able to give everyone a bag, you want to ensure that you are going to get some sort of return for your investment whether that be from an increased awareness of your brand or as a direct result of giving someone a bag.


Make it work with other forms of marketing

With the accessibility of social media, cross promoting your bags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms is a great way to maximise on the results of your promotional bags. Tweet them with a hashtag, share them on Facebook and encourage people to engage or tell them how they can get one. Get the word out there and make sure it’s not just those that are in receipt of your bags that can see what they are. Using social media to increase awareness and talk to your audience is a great way to make your promotional products work even harder.


If deciding what bags to choose and who to give them to, in addition to the branding they should carry, is something that you need some help and advice with, then get in touch with use and we will be only too happy to help you with the benefit of our knowledge and experience to ensure that the process is easy and enjoyable and the most cost-effective and profitable for your business.

We Brand 4 You are promotional merchandise specialists and can deliver Logo Branded Bags and our full  promotional product range all across the United Kingdom (Nationwide) 

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