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How You Can Create A Brand Identity Using Branded Hoodies

Hoodies are basically sweatshirts with a hood. These are the most versatile clothing item you will find in almost everyone's wardrobe. Hoodies can be worn with almost every other item. The good thing about hoodies is that they fit both outdoor and indoor wears. This makes them the best clothing item to customize for your brand identity and promotion. We make perfect customized hoodies and you should not hesitate to reach out to us to get the best. Here is all you need to know branded hoodies for brand identity. You can learn more about other branded options too. 

How you can make brand identity with hoodies

• Customized hoodies are a great way to create brand identity as well as promote your brand.

• You should choose a design that represents your company's interests. The design should have a refreshing look. Include the company's logo on your hoodie design.

• You can use patterns and graphics that bring out a professional and authoritative look to inspire confidence and trust.

• Have your employee wear the branded hoodies as a uniform and this will, in turn, make them walking ambassadors.

• When people see your company's hoodies repetitively, this creates a sense of familiarity and they are likely to associate with your company.

Things to consider when making branded hoodies for your company

1. Hoodie style

There are two types of hoodie styles you can choose from when deciding to make branded hoodies for your company:

• Pullover

Pullover hoodies lack buttons or a zipper and must be worn by pulling them over the head. The advantage of the pullover hoodies is that they are easy to print around the chest area and have more printable areas. They are warmer than other types.

• Zip hoodies

With zip hoodies, you have the option for a full zip or half zip. They are very versatile in terms of how you wear them and what to pair them with. The zip is also helpful in controlling temperature. However, these are problematic when it comes to printing across the zipper.

Note that you can still use the two types.

2. Hoodie fabric

Hoodies are made by all kinds of fabrics, including blended, such as cotton and polyester. Different fabrics and blends have their benefits and limitations. You should consider all the fabrics weighing their benefits and limitations to choose the best for your company.

The main hoodie fabrics are:

100% Cotton


• Soft and comfortable

• Breathable

• Easy to customize

• Not clingy


• Heavier and slow to dry

• It's prone to damage, wrinkles, shrinkage and stain

100 % Polyester


• It doesn't shrink or wrinkle

• They're durable

• Have a smooth drape

• They're lightweight and they dry quickly

• Have excellent resistance to odour


• Have restrictions to printing; hence they’re quite hard to customize

• They're less breathable and have a synthetic feel

• They get clingy and irritate people with sensitive skin

Blends (cotton/polyester)


• They’ve a good drape

• Soft and comfortable

• They've less shrinkage and minor wrinkling

• They're lightweight and dry quickly


• They're a little bit clingy

• They've minor limitations on printing

• Have minimal irritation to sensitive skin

3. The price you are willing to pay

The price of customizing a hoodie for a business varies depending on the type of material, design, colours, and printing method. Since it is hard to print zip-up hoodies, it will cost you more to print them than pullover hoodies. A minimal design with fewer colours costs cheaper than sophisticated designs with many colours.

Polyester hoodies are also more expensive to buy and customize than cotton ones or the cotton-polyester blend hoodies.

4. Printing method available

You should consider the printing method you would love to be used on your customized hoodies.

Screen printing is often used for printing logos and graphics on hoodies. The image is first printed on fine material and then transferred from the material to the hoodie. This printing method is vibrant and durable.

Direct printing is commonly used for printing promotional hoodies and freebies. Other types of printing methods you can choose include embroidery, sublimation printing, and vinyl cut printing.

5. Hoodie's quality you are looking for

The quality of the customized hoodie varies depending on the printing method and type of material used. The higher the quality, the more expensive the hoodies are. You can choose the quality you want depending on the use of the hoodie, whether you aim to give it out for promotional purposes or to be used by your employees. The qualities include breathability, moisture-wicking, and structure.

6. The person wearing

You should consider the target people who will use your customized hoodies. Essentially you should consider your target market and your employee. Consider their age, style, and expectations.

7. Purpose of the hoodie

The main goal of branded hoodies is to promote your company. However, the purpose for which they will be used determines how you make them, the design, and the qualities. Customized hoodies can be used for sporting activities, as employee uniforms, or as merchandise.

8. How often they will be worn

When making customized hoodies for your company, you should consider how often they will be worn. They can be for a single event, daily or for special occasions.

9. Hoodie sizes

The sizes of the hoodies are also a main factor to consider since you do not want to make unfitting hoodies. You should consider your customers' sizes as well as the employee's sizes. Also, to be on the safe side, you can have some ‘outside the size bracket’ to consider.

10. The print location

Choose a standard print location which is often the left chest side. This should not limit you as you’ve the choice for any other location.

11. Colours

Choose the right colours and the best ones are muted or dark. Avoid light colours since they stain easily. You should also avoid bright colours since not everyone looks good in bright colours.

Top tips for designing your custom hoodies

• Use hand-drawn arts.

• Keep the design simple since the complicated design may hinder the message.

• Ensure you use visible texts and images.

Branded hoodies are a perfect idea for brand identification. Branded hoodies are also a perfect way to advertise your company. To make the best designs, consider the above things to achieve the main goal: BRAND IDENTIFICATION. Choose your hoodie's style, colour, design, and material carefully. Contact us today for high-quality and affordable customized hoodies.