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The Uk's  Best Selling Promotional Products

For anyone looking to build up their brand, the most important thing that you can do for yourself is invest in your image. The image of any business is so important, and it’s not just your logo or your website that matters. It’s how you are subliminally seen in the world. That is why the smartest businesses promote their name by using branded promotional products!

Our best selling promotional items can be just what you need to help catch people’s attention and make them want to get in touch again. By using small and subliminal promotional marketing, you can make sure that you talk to the right audience and form the correct kind of connection with the people who you deal with.

It’s why our best selling promotional products are among the best solutions for you to take a look at.


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Best Selling Branded Merchandise Ideas

We Brand 4 You are delighted to bring you the Uk's best-selling promotional items that your customers will love. These branded best sellers are our tried-and-tested classics are guaranteed to generate endless extra brand awareness for your target audience each time it's seen or used by your clients and prospects.

You Can Explore our huge range of branded products and request your quotations or sample requests .

We're talking promotional mugs such as the Durham Cambridge and printed Travel Mugs such as the Polo plus. The very best company branded giveaways that our customers love, we know this as they are so happy with them that they order them again and again.

Do you want to maximise your sales results from your marketing spend for your next event but are unsure where to begin ? then start by choosing the most effective promotional items for your next marketing campaign?

Most Popular Promotional Items This Year

The ASI Impressions Study provides insights into the behaviour and perception of the most popular promotional products in 2021. It is reported that One-quarter of consumers reported that they PURCHASED a promotional product in the last year.

The best way to relieve the stress of selecting the perfect promotional products is to look at which promotional products consumers keep and repeatedly use and what the current trends are. You could take a look around your office for inspiration and to see what free gifts your company has received

Custom Face Masks with Logo

ASI found that 57% of consumers would be more likely to do business with the advertiser who gave them a free face mask.

Promotional Face Masks are currently the smart promotional products to invest in as they are a useful product for consumers as well as being a smart way to showcase your brands logo

Over 80% of people say they wear them all or most of the time in public due to social distancing. A high quality, attractive, and trendy face mask has the opportunity to give your brand a huge boost in your businesses visibility. With an estimated 4,235 impressions per promo mask over its lifetime, Your customer or employees aren’t going to throw branded face masks out anytime soon.

Best Selling Promotional Pens

Plastic promotional pens are often given away in bulk as they are budget friendly that can be sent out to customers with brochures and catalogues or used on your reception desk. Most branded pens also have a large branding area for your logo and contact details.

The good news is they are still in the top ten most popular promotional products and that is why investing in some branded ballpens is a good idea.

If you are looking to buy pens in bulk we suggest you look at the curvy contour ballpens as they have a wide range of coloured bodies and rubber grips to choose from and you are likely to find a close match to your brand colours and are a firm favourite with charities, clubs and nhs.

Branded Trolley Coins 

Give these popular items out at tills for any offer over a few pounds, and you could find that these make a great subliminal marketing tool. Parents who are out shopping will use these all the time, giving them access to shopping trolleys all thanks to your generosity and have increased in popularity due to covid-19 and are now available with eco friendly materials.

Now, every time that they head out to the shops, they will remember your company and what you have done for them in the past. It’s a great way to keep your business name in the head of those who have already shopped with you in the past.

Best selling Promotional bags

Tote bags have many benefits and is a fine choice if you are looking to have your logo carried around by people all day. Many people subconsciously bag-watch, and thus could pick up a photo of your logo just be having a quick look at someone else’s shopping.

Branded swag bags with branded items are an ideal form of subliminal and effective marketing; the kind that can really make the right impact. If you use your bags in the right way, this could be just what you need to ensure your logo is out there without being too ‘in your face’

Promotional bags are often given out to customers and prospects at trade shows with popular promotional products such as baseball caps, t-shirts, face masks and hand sanitisers due to social distancing these are now mailed out rather than given out at the event and bags have increased in popularity due to supermarkets now charging for carrier bags more people are turning to eco friendly options.

If your business needs any free ideas or pricing then we will happily guide you through the various options of what you can fill your tote bags with then just call our contact number