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What can you put in a personalised advent calendar ?

Sometimes people can get lost in the Christmas message, and a personalised advent calendar can help them focus on the holiday's significance. Christmas is linked to religious customs, and in some cases, people might scrub it off the religious content to make it palatable. Despite the meaning of the holiday, it is a time to spread some love and joy. You can read more here about how else to use these.

What Is In Advent Calendar

Advent means arrival, and Christians can celebrate the arrival of the festive Christmas season using the advent calendar. However, the calendar is used by retailers to market their products and services. The calendar begins from the first of December and ends on Christmas Eve, but the date might change every year but the final day is the same every year.

The early advent calendars had a picture of religious figures like Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. They had little windows attached on each day that you would open. Within the windows were memory verses from a Christmas story you would read aloud to your loved ones. However, some advent calendars have chocolate pieces that you or your children can eat each day to commemorate the special Christmas celebration.

In some situations, the advent calendar helps children eager for the Christmas season to keep counting the days. The calendar has children's toys, and they can open these gifts before Christmas day when they open the other presents. Some advent calendars have puffy and soft shapes which form the nativity scene, the adventures of Olaf from Frozen, Lego Star Wars, and many Playmobil advent calendars.

Why People Use Personalised Advent Calendars

Initially, the advent calendars were used by religious families that observed the spiritual meaning of the holiday. They served as educational tools as they contained boxes with memory verses about a Christmas story. The bible verses act as lessons that teach the family members about the holidays on Jesus' love. It is used to control children's anxiety as they would count days to Christmas without bothering the parents so much. Moreover, the calendar prepares them for opening the Christmas gifts as they contain toys and chocolate chips.

Many companies have used advent calendars to offer free sample goods such as chocolates and dog treats; if the customers like the products, they might buy them as Christmas gifts for loved ones. The advent calendars do not need to be physical as users can download apps. The digital apps are coded to advise people over the 24 days leading to Christmas.

Some Nordic countries have advent television series which act as calendars for the viewers; although this has not been implemented in America, it might be a good concept. Although the advent concepts are different globally, they are meant to anticipate Christmas.

Benefits of Using Advent Calendar

· It is a great advertising tool

Branded advent calendars can be advertising tools, and you can market your products before the Christmas holiday. If the consumers like your products, they will buy them as gifts for loved ones. Your products are exposed to the potential market and become visible to potential consumers cheaply and affordably. If you already have recurrent clients, they will feel like they are getting something back from the business, leading to more sales. You may include an opportunity for consumers to win fabulous prizes that go well with the Christmas season.

· It brings the Christmas spirit

They bring out the Christmas spirit as the season is meant for exchanging and sharing gifts, great food, and visiting loved ones. You can bring some joy to your consumers through physical and digital advent. The advent creates a dialogue, and the consumers might research more about your products leading to increased knowledge about your company, which would be beneficial for your business. If you create a question-and-answer segment or survey on a digital advent calendar, it can help learn about the consumer's behaviour which assists with product formulation.

· Leads to employee motivation

Although December is the perfect month when consumers buy gifts, you can promote your advent calendar online through the company's website and Facebook page. In addition, you may create a separate calendar for the employees, which helps them stay focused on their work. The employee advent calendar should have prizes at the end of the season, and it should invoke interaction of the employees in the company.

· It leads to more customers 

You can attract new customers with a digital advent calendar to show them you have fun and consider their feelings. It creates a good dialogue with the consumers and other potential clients. People love companies that prioritise their happiness while showing off their services and products at the same time.

· It can grow your brand

The advent calendar can build your brand as it leads to more Facebook followers and stamps your presence in the social media streets. Consumers will share the advent calendar with friends who will research your products and decide to buy from you. Advent calendars give a return on investment as it would have valuable tips and tricks, questionnaires, articles and fantastic offers which promote the products.

· Leads to improved services and products

You can follow up on any issues brought forward on the digital advent calendar, and some consumers might note areas you need to improve while others will complement the best products. The information will best help you produce satisfactory products. Consumers need to feel like they are part of your journey, and they would have opinions that could help improve your services.

Final Thoughts

Share the Christmas joy with a personalised advent calendar that exposes your products to potential consumers. You can offer services and products on physical and digital advent calendars. Additionally, you can provide questionnaires and forms which help you gather information about the consumers. The data helps formulate the products and services which meet their needs. Moreover, the calendar might help build the brand name as it invokes online discussions about your products and services, leading to more profit generation. Good luck formulating the right advent calendar for your consumers.