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Why you need Promotional Keyrings 

Here are some of the top reasons to invest in promotional key rings to incentivise your customers to keep coming back and grow your business.

To begin, promotional key rings are diverse and unique products. Although you could opt to choose different promotional products on the market, promotional key rings come in all shapes and sizes. They are customizable and can include the logo of your business.

Due to the breadth of choice, you could easily find a key ring that reflects your type of business. From car designs to heart designs, there is a promotional key ring to suit any and every type of business. There are also many key rings that you can view on our web page above. Some really quirky and interesting key rings include mini torches, bottle openers, whistles, tape measures and much more. By offering your customers a quirky, customisable key ring, they are much more likely to remember your business. Equally, key rings that stand out and are different from the majority of key rings out there are more likely to attract attention, bringing more customers to your website or local business.

Why use Promotional Keyrings

 As well as offering a unique product, promotional key rings can also be a great promotional tool from a practical perspective. Mugs and t-shirts work well as promotional items. However, key rings are practical and used on a daily basis by a broad range of people. Another practical aspect of offering promotional key rings to your customer base is their portability. Unlike mugs and other stationery items, key rings are always travelling alongside customers on their way to school, work or social outings. Due to their level of portability, more potential customers are likely to spot your logo and enquire about your business, attracting further customers to your company.

To give an example of the wide range of choices available.

Promotional key rings from our range include: reflective key rings, star key rings, keyring torch and bottle opener, aqua keyfobs to name a few. Taking one product as an example, it’s possible to order 100 units of a bespoke whistle key ring from £61.00. For other keyrings, you can take a closer look at the products offered on the promotional key rings page and view every possible offer. There is also an option to request a quote from their sales representatives in order to get the most cost effective price possible for these fantastic promotional products.

Using a promotional key ring to entice more customers to buy your products or services is an excellent way to show your customers your high level of commitment to your business.

By customising a key ring, you can demonstrate a level of professionalism and uniqueness by implementing a personal logo. Creating a brand for your business is one of the most important marketing tools to maintain interest and reach out to further customers. A personalised logo can begin to link your business with an image that defines your business aims. By offering personalised key rings to your current customers, you can begin a wider conversation about your business’ services or products, generating a broader reach and a greater customer base.

Overall, there are many excellent reasons to choose to buy promotional key rings for your business. Promotional key rings offer many and varied products that are sure to stand out with your personalised logo. Although there are many other promotional products that you could choose, promotional key rings are unique, affordable, practical and portable. You can capitalise on these many benefits to help spread the word about your business products and services. By choosing a highly portable product, your company logo will be more visible to a greater range of customers.

Things to consider before you invest in promotional key rings

include the type of design you would require, the practical functionality of different key rings and how much you feel happy to invest initially per 100 units of this product. Additionally, it might beneficial to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of different products. Whichever promotional key ring you choose, make sure that it reflects your business and is a memorable promotional product so that your customers keep spreading the word about your company’s products and services. Using promotional key rings will definitely help to boost your company’s awareness and has the potential to generate further interest, making you more accessible to a broad range of customers.

We continually check our  products prices against all the leading suppliers of promotional keyrings to make sure that you always receive the best possible prices.

Unlike our competitors the prices displayed on our website are fully inclusive and have no hidden extras such as origination / setup or carriage for all our promotional keyrings 





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