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From that first cup of coffee in the morning, to endless cups of tea during the day, your customers can use your promotional mugs for all of their beverage needs. Whilst they’re sipping their favourite hot drink, their mug is promoting your company to them and everyone nearby.

We also have a range of Travel Mugs

Why choose Promotional mugs for your business?

Promotional Mugs are a highly effective way to get your name in front of people and add value to their lives.

A mug may just seem like a mug and a pen just a pen but when you actually analyse how much visibility these items give your business and brand then it is definitely worth including in your marketing strategy.

The benefits of branded mugs

The mug is an extremely useful commodity. Imagine starting the day and opening the cupboard to find that you had no mugs!

From that first coffee when you wake up in the morning, to the regular cups of tea drank throughout the day, all people, from all walks of life use them and rely on them.

 People remember the message on Branded Mugs

With all merchandise, the key is to make sure that what you give adds value and that your message and branding is easy to recall or refer to. In fact, 47.1 % of people interviewed in a BPMA survey, said they recall the message best from a mug when compared to other items.

While it is very much a subliminal message that doesn’t need to be recalled right now, there will come a time when your product or service is required which is when your mugs serve their purpose.

Building relationships with your clients

It’s not all about product recall though, it is about building long-term relationships with your customers. If you want to reward a client for their loyalty or incentivise them to use you in the future, the little things that you do will go a long way to building a trusted partnership with your audience.

By giving them something useful like promotional mugs, you are one step ahead of your competitors. They may not need the message to be influenced by your products or services, the simple act of giving back to them may be all that it takes.


It’s not just a mug, it’s a lifestyle

It’s worth giving consideration to the type of Promotional Mugs that you offer.

With such a keen focus on the environment than ever before, takeaway promotional mugs and cups are being ditched in favour of the reusable ones. People’s passion for being environmentally conscious is growing and their motivation to do their bit is increasing.

You can help them with this by giving them a reusable option that they can take to the Costa or Starbucks counter then even better.

They lead busy lives and are always on the go so a mug that they can take with them, that keeps their drink warmer for longer is also a winner. Not to mention that it is also a key talking point when their friends or colleagues are admiring their mug.


Printed Mugs have a long shelf life

The one standout thing about a reusable promotional mug is its shelf life. The mug will go on for years if well looked after. It is taken out of the cupboard at regular intervals and can even be sat in the middle of the table at meetings – the mug is a constant. If it happens to have your marketing on it then you are on to something.  


Going one step further

If you really want to stand out then there are many other options that you can try to make your mug not just a commodity but a talking point. Novelty mugs are always fun. Mugs that change colour with the heat, or why not choose something funky like a chalk mug

While business leaders and marketing managers are busy with their day to day duties and responsibilities, it is important to get the marketing message right and executed as effectively as possible.

Choosing an option that does the hard work for you while you get on with running the business is favourable for many.