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Promotional Trolley Coins 

Save your customers from searching through their bags for change at the gym or supermarket with our branded trolley tokens . These trolley tokens can include your logo and will fit into supermarket trolleys and gym lockers to replace a £1 coin.

These are great promotional gifts to give out as cheap promotional freebies at events, or to send out in the mail to new or existing customers. They’re lightweight and will be regularly used, not quickly forgotten about.

Why Choose Trolley Coin keyrings

Promotional trolley coins are an ideal solution for those wishing to boost brand engagement. The best promotional items to hand out to your customers are the ones that they can use time and time again, with the products adding real value to their lives. Promotional trolley coins certainly fit the bill. The vast majority of people visit supermarkets on a regular or semi-regular basis, even since the advent of online shopping.

Many people find themselves experiencing frustration when they arrive at the supermarket without a coin or token for a trolley, and this has become increasingly common in an age where more and more of us are going cashless. When your customers have trolley tokens, they never need to worry about carrying a spare coin around with them and can start shopping right away without having to draw out cash and frittering away the change.

Trolley Coins make Ideal Giveaways for supermarkets, gyms and more

Trolley coins and tokens aren’t just great for supermarkets. They are ideal for any business that uses tokens to provide access to certain facilities. This makes them ideal for gyms, leisure centres and other environments where locker access is needed. Promotional trolley coins are often supplied with keyrings that make it easier for people to transport them, without them needing to retrieve them from drawers or other places before they leave their homes. Customers will see your brand and logo on there logo trolley coins every time they go shopping. As well as the traditional trolley coin our great choice of branded trolley tokens you can choose from the old style pound coins to euro trolley coins or even plastic for the environmentally conscious.

Personalised Trolley Coins and Tokens

You can personalise your coins and tokens by adding your brand name or logo to them. It’s also possible to print or engrave your branding onto them but the most popular branding method for trolley coins is enamel. Another great reason for supplying promotional tokens to your customers is that they will see your branding on a daily basis once they add them to their keyrings, which means brand exposure is increased. If customers have tokens for your trolleys and don’t have them for your competitors’, they are far more likely to come to you when they need your services.

An affordable solution

Promotional trolley coins are highly affordable and can deliver an outstanding return on investment. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have more to spend, you shouldn’t struggle to find a solution that meets your requirements. Customers may even lend their coins or tokens to their friends and family members when they are not using them, driving sales and increasing exposure for your business even further.

Show your human side

When you invest in promotional products including trolley coins and all kinds of items, you stand to benefit in a myriad of ways. Supplying your customers with free items is always a good way to get them on your side and creates links with attributes such as friendliness, kindness and great customer service.

The kinder you are to your customers, the more you can strengthen your relationship with them. Promotional items can enhance brand loyalty considerably and you can prolong your relationships with your customers by providing them with useful products that they can use time and time again. Whether you’re interested in winning new customers or retaining existing ones, the promotional item can be worth its weight in gold. In time, customers may feel their spirits being lifted every time they see your logo.

Make an investment

If you are interested in buying promotional items to increase brand loyalty, avoid purchasing the cheapest items available to you. If your products break or stop working within a short period of time, they could associate your brand with disappointment and dissatisfaction. Make sure the promotional products you are buying have staying power and can make your customers’ lives easier for the foreseeable future. You can avoid buying cheap, unreliable goods by purchasing promotional items from a trusted manufacturer or supplier with a strong reputation. If promotional items weren’t effective in driving brand loyalty and sales, companies wouldn’t spend so much money.

Promotional products are renowned for their effectiveness

Promotional products are used by companies of all sizes to stimulate customer engagement, including some of the world’s biggest brands.

Smaller businesses don’t normally have the budgets to compete with the biggest players by placing expensive ads on the TV and radio, or in newspapers and magazines, but promotional goods can help you achieve the exposure that you require even when funds are limited.

Promotional items including trolley coins and many more are renowned for their low cost-per-impression and can make your customers so much more loyal to you. Customers will see your brand and logo on there logo trolley coins  every time they go shopping. As well as the traditional trolley coin our great choice of branded trolley tokens  you can choose from the old style pound coins to euro trolley coins or even plastic for the environmentally conscious.

We are always on hand to help you if you’re not quite sure which of our promotional products to invest in and we are more than happy to assist you if you do require advice on making your marketing campaign a success.

To find out more about how promotional merchandise can help your business then simply give us a call on 01257 260372