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Promotional Pens 

The best promotional products are those that are used frequently by your recipients and deliver something of real value to their lives – and personalised pens certainly fit the bill.

Companies of all sorts of sizes from many different industry sectors invest in personalised pens to create exposure for their brands and strengthen relationships with their customers and clients.

Customised business pens, company logo pens and corporate pens can deliver a considerable return on investment, so read on to find out more about why you should be purchasing bespoke writing instruments for those you are keen to do business with.

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Why buy printed business pens?

Printed pens are used on a daily basis and can add real convenience and efficiency to your customers and clients’ lives. Each time your recipient or recipients use their personalised pen, they will think about your brand. This means there’s a big chance they will head straight to you next time they need the kind of products and services you are offering. Another great reason for investing in branded pens is that they don’t cost a great deal of money but can help you drive sales considerably. Pens can be used all year long and can help you create better relationships with customers and other businesses.

Company Logo Pens Boost Brand Engagement

One of the key aims for any marketing team is to increase engagement with brands. By supplying pens with distinctive designs and your unique logo, you can bring your customers close to you and fend off the competition. In the past, many people sent out business cards when they wished to increase brand engagement, but these are often dispensed with the moment they are received. It’s much wiser to provide customers and potential customers with personalised products of real value that will make their lives easier. If you add your contact details to your promotional writing instruments, customers don’t even need to go looking for ways to get in touch when they require something you are offering.

Promotional Pens to Heighten visibility

Promotional pens won’t just be seen by the people that use them. Chances are that they will be visible to their colleagues and site visitors too, increasing the visibility of your brand. Handing out free gifts is a highly effective way of boosting the reputation of your brand and delivers associations with kindness and friendliness, which are both things people look for when deciding which brands to do business with. Promotional products show your customers you care about them and truly value their custom.

Corporate Pens Make a real investment

If you do decide to buy personalised pens for promotional pens, it’s worth spending a little extra. If your pens stop working or fall apart quickly, the way your company is perceived can take a big hit. You don’t need to spend a fortune on buying branded goods to hand out as gifts, but it really is worth investing a little more in order to make the right impression and protect the reputation of your company.

An affordable marketing solution

Small-to-medium businesses don’t always have a great deal to spend on marketing, which makes branded stationery items such as pens the ideal solution for companies aiming to boost brand engagement. By purchasing pens in bulk, you can make considerable savings and hopefully get your money back multiple times over thanks to the way such investments can drive sales so powerfully. Some advertisement options are beyond the reach of SMEs. If radio, TV, expensive online and offline ad campaigns are simply not right for your budget.

It may well be time to explore the world of branded stationery. Even in today’s digital world, plenty of people still use pens to make notes multiple times a day – it’s hard to imagine a scenario where this won’t be the case.

A wealth of choices

There are so many types of company logo pens, personalised business pens and corporate pens available that you shouldn’t struggle to find the right design for your marketing needs. You have a wealth of choice when it comes to colour, shape, functionality and more. Options are available whether you’re seeking something basic or a more distinctive form of stationery. Styles you may wish to invest in if you do have more to spend might include 3-in-1 pens, multi pens, bamboo pens and even 6-in-1 pens.

Extensive Branding and Printing Options 

We can offer a wide choice of printing options for your promotional pens which range from single side printed pens to full wrap-around print,  and we also print the clip for added brand exposure.

We are at the forefront of the latest print technology, and as such can offer a unique range of pens which can be branded with either a full colour digital  print or wrap allowing us to reproduce full colour images and logos to a standard most of our competitors can only dream of.

 In addition to our printing options we also offer  laser engraving on our metal pens to create a truly professional finish which is ideal for those extra special corporate gifts.


A highly effective marketing tool

Companies and organisations of all sizes have been using pens to win new customers and retain existing ones for generations. If custom pens didn’t deliver such desirable results and help entrepreneurs to drive their businesses forward, the promotional products industry simply wouldn't be anywhere near as big as it has become.

If you are on a budget but are determined to increase exposure, brand awareness and customer engagement, cheap promo pens may well be the ideal solution for your requirements.

To find out more about how Promotional merchandise  can help your business then simply give us a call on 01257 260372 

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